February, 2016

  • 6 February

    [VIDEO] How to Become Twitter Famous and Get More Followers

    How to Become Twitter Famous and Get More Followers ~ MommyTalkShow.com

      The first time someone called me Twitter Famous¬†I was pretty surprised. Yes, I loved to tweet ¬†about family-friendly brands and I even get paid to tweet when I host Twitter Parties. But I still didn’t consider myself famous with more than 17,000 Twitter followers as of February 2016. So …

  • 5 February

    Join #GameChangers #TwitterParty w/ @UptownMagazine @Kia 2/11 at 7p ET

    Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. You may not realize it, but you’re a #GameChanger. Think back. Something happened in your life where you had to switch gears, take a different path or figure things out on the fly. Whether it was a bad date or talking yourself out of …

  • 4 February

    Tune in to the Successful Mompreneurs World Summit

    While I love traveling to conferences and events, as well as hosting my own, it’s difficult for me to travel for too long without a lot of planning for my husband to miss work. So when Rev. Jenenne Macklin invited me to take part in a summit for successful mompreneurs …

  • 4 February

    Learn From a Jena 6 Protestor and More Inspiring Stories (Video) #BlackHistoryMonth

    Throughout my career as a TV journalist I faced the personal challenge of covering racial incidents. Never was this more apparent than when I worked in Mississippi as a TV news anchor and reporter. There were allegations of racism in stores, schools, housing and in the criminal justice system. The …

January, 2016

  • 30 January

    Watch Scope Day Atlanta: Live Streaming from City Attractions #ScopeAtlanta

    This Saturday I’m teaming up with influencers and Atlanta-area attractions to how case the best of the city. We’re livestreaming on Periscope, a video application that can broadcast live. Organizer and PR professional Nicole Henderson said it’s designed to “show you Atlanta through our eyes” for Scope Day Atlanta. How …