Thank you for considering a relationship with and me, a TV Mom!

We can come up with some creative ways to include  your family-friendly product, brand or business on the show.


PLEASE NOTE: I do not work with MLMs, multi-level marketing companies, kickstarter or fundraising programs etc. because they are not a good fit.

Georgia non-profits, are welcome to reach out!

For questions about:

Sponsored Video Campaigns

Sponsored Posts

On-location event hosting

Red Carpet/Correspondent Work

Twitter Parties & Facebook Chats

Travel Reviews

Social Media Management

Interviews about Motherhood

You’re welcome to e-mail [email protected].


  1. I like to say. This was the first time I cook a sweet potato pie. So I got on Pinterest to see how to make it. So I look and found your pie. I made it last week 12-3-20. I made 4 pies . I put one pie up in the freezer and took it out a week later. So I put it in the strove to warm it. That was the best pie I ever had. The other 3 was good but putting it in the freezer it did something to it. Cost it was awesome. The only thing I for got to put was the cinnamon. I would rate this sweet potato pie a 10. Thank you for sharing your pie.

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