• Nail Polish Drying Spray

    How to Dry Nail Polish Quickly for the Perfect Manicure 

    With holiday parties and end-of-the-year events coming up, we’re all rushing around trying to get our to-do list DONE. For beauty, I need everything done fast so I can get out the door. I even found a way to do polish nails right before bed without smudging them! Sounds like something you need? Chances are you already have everything you need to dry nail polish …

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  • Featured Health Risks

    My Top Tips for Reducing Stress

    Most people in the world right now are unfortunately stressed out. Although it is really hard to go from a stressed-out state to a state where you feel totally in control, it is possible to regain control. You just have to put in the hard work to figure out how to control your stress. Here are my top tips when it comes to reducing stress. …

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  • According to My Friends: Here Are My Best Advice Quotes

    Think about your go-to friend for advice. Does she “drop knowledge” on you whenever you need it? Is she really relatable and honest? Apparently, some of my friends consider me that kind of g0-to person. I didn’t know this about myself until I had a deep conversation with women from my church’s study group. They took a moment to lovingly repeat back to me some …

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