Six Simple Alternatives to Holiday Cards

I can’t believe how fast the end of the year crept up on me. I had every intention of sending out holiday cards, but between our Carnival Cruise, our Christmas Day Flight and general craziness I didn’t have time. I’m looking at these simple alternatives to holiday cards that will …

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Survive The Back-to-School Hustle: 5 Hacks For Overwhelmed Moms

Summer break was a complete blur of summer camp, work, travel, deadlines, proposals, and pool parties. By the time July came around, the fact that AJ was going back to school in three weeks hadn’t occurred to me. When it did, I panicked. Everything flew by so fast! Hard to …

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60+ Easy Summer Boredom Busters for Toddlers to Teenagers

The two most dreaded words you can hear this summer are  “I’m bored.” As an only-child family, we hear it quite a bit. Even bigger families suffer from summer boredom because siblings can get sick of each other. Rainy or bad weather days may keep you indoors longer than expected. …

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