12 Life Events that Require a Family Meeting

Our family of three has only had a handful informal family meetings – usually over a weekend dinner, on a long road trip, or on a Saturday morning when we are all piled up in our king sized bed together. Meeting wherever you are and whenever you have time is …

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How We’re Preparing Our Son for His First Pet

A.J. has been asking to get a pet for the last three or four years. We have several friends who are dog owners. His favorite sitter/former preschool teacher owns a cat A.J. loves to play with when he’s at their house. I can see him getting his first pet when he’s about …

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8 Black Celebrities Who Host Summer Camps

Every summer, a number of Black celebrities donate their time and money to mentor children for summer camp. These summer camp spots fill up fast because they offer children the opportunity to learn from former child stars, athletes, and entrepreneurs. Here’s a list of some of the camps Black celebrities …

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