Family-Friendly Black History Month Movies

Even when he was five years old, our son A.J. was keenly aware of race and his brown skin. Although he’s always attended schools where there are people who look like him – and people who don’t – he knows that Black Americans in this country have a history of coming to …

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[VIDEO] Are We Abandoning Neighborhood Public Schools?

Our son’s third-grade year in public school has been less than stellar for us. I won’t get into the details of what’s working and what’s not – out of respect for the parties involved. More than anything, it’s made it extremely clear that his current school is no longer a …

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How to Plan a Kid-Focused Noon Years Eve Party

This year I’m taking on a new party idea: a Noon Years Eve Party at our house. In case you’re not familiar with it, it’s typically hosted around 12 noon on New Years Eve and designed to focus on what kids want to do for the New Year. You play …

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