How to See Summer Blockbuster Movies Without Going Broke

Black Panther was a must-see film for our household, followed by Avengers: Infiniti War. Once school is out even more blockbusters will be in movie theaters. But I don’t want to blow my entire summer budget on movies.  At this rate, we could easily end up spending close the $200 this …

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Why Is Summer Planning so Overwhelming?

Joyce & A.J. in Outlander

I feel like I’m in a neverending game of playing catch-up for what’s next for our family. For example, it’s early April and I’ve only registered our 9-year-old for ONE week of summer camp. ONE. There are Atlanta-area moms I know who had summer camps booked for their kids by …

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6 Words That are Off-Limits for Our Son

Many of you comment on the videos featuring our son on the Mommy Talk Show Facebook page or here on the show through YouTube, that A.J. is so comfortable on-camera. He was an early talker. Having two parents who work in the television industry likely played a role. We’re also …

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