Printable Halloween Bingo Cards + Coloring Sheets and More

Although Halloween’s traditions are founded on going door to door collecting candy from your neighbors while you’re dressed up as your favorite character, there are still plenty of other ways to celebrate Halloween. That’s why I gathered these coloring sheets and printables for you in case your Halloween plans get …

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What Makes Connections Academy Great for Middle School Students

I’ve shared every stage of A.J.’s education with my viewers and readers. Years ago, I created a marketing video for his preschool that featured a co-working space for adults. I shared our decisions about pre-k, school lottery options in our county, and our limited experience at a magnet school.   Raising …

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5 Life Insurance Terms You Need to Know

Buying life insurance can be the hardest part of adulting because it’s morbid. You must face the reality of your death and your family member’s deaths. No one wants to talk about it. Plus, there are so many unfamiliar terms you may not know about life insurance policies. As we …

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