Printable Halloween Bingo Cards + Coloring Sheets and More

Although Halloween’s traditions are founded on going door to door collecting candy from your neighbors while you’re dressed up as your favorite character, there are still plenty of other ways to celebrate Halloween. That’s why I gathered these coloring sheets and printables for you in case your Halloween plans get kids rained out or your kids want to celebrate all week long leading up to Halloween. Post-COVID you may also be doing some Halloween activities virtually or socially distanced. I’ll start with my Printable Halloween Bingo Cards which are great for a mixed age group. Scroll down to the end where you’ll also find an adults-only printable for wine bottles. Ooh la la!

Here are some Halloween printables that you can enjoy with your family your loved ones at a Halloween party in your classroom if you’re an educator. Love them? Share them! Tweet this post or pin the images to your favorite Halloween board.

Printable Halloween Bingo

This is something adorable that kids of all ages can do or they can also do with their grandparents: Halloween Bingo.

Print out the calling card with various Halloween characters like bats, goblins, ghouls and witches. Cut them individually. Mix them up in a bowl, bag or even a Halloween treat bag/pumpkin.

Print out the bingo cards; laminate them to make them reusable and waste-free.

Mix up the characters in the bowl. Randomly pick them. Call out each one that is selected.

Players can use a piece of candy, a small rock or dry erase marker on laminated cards to make their cards until the first player has bingo.

Award the winner with candy, treats, or prizes.

Here is the printable Halloween Bingo Set including calling cards.

Printable Halloween Bat Wings Coloring Sheet

Add some color and fun to your child’s juice box with a Halloween Bat Wings Coloring Set.

This could be a fun way to gather the kids together at a Halloween Party, celebrate Halloween after school or wind down after they’ve gone trick or treating.

You’ll need scissors, glue dots, markers/crayons, juice boxes and the printable bat sheet.

Find the Bat Wings Coloring Sheet on Krystyn’s Really, Are You Serious blog.

Printable Howlin’ Halloween Treat Bags for Dogs

Pet owners will love this! Your pup won’t be left out of the fun because you can dress them up for Halloween, then instead of candy, give them their favorite treats.

You will need a printer, paper, scissors, string hole punch, cellophane treat bags and treats.

The treat bag tags are shaped like bones which serves two purposes since dogs love bones and skeletons are a common Halloween theme.

Find the Howlin’ Halloween Treat Bags for Dogs on Meghan’s Jamonkey blog.

Printable “You’ve Been Boozed” Wine Tags

While all the other printable centered around fun for the kids, here’s something adults can get into.

Print these adorable tags, wrap them around your friend’s favorite wine bottle, bring them to your adult Halloween party or drop them off for a socially distanced gift. I thought these were so fun and creative!

Find the You’ve Been Boozed Wine Tags on Kimberly’s Savvy Mama Lifestyle blog.

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