[VIDEO] Burnout for Moms is Real & I Have It Too

When Tracye Hutchins from CBS 46 News  asked me if I’m feeling burnout as a mom, my answer was: absolutely! I’d felt stressed pre-pandemic, of course – during the pandemic and now as it seems to be lasting for a second year – I’m drowning even more. Although working from home has been my reality since I had A.J. in 2010, being home so much isn’t as relaxing as it once was. Now lines are blurred between work and home since I don’t have morning drop-off (A.J. attends Connections Academy tuition-free online public school) or pickup, I’ve scaled back attending events and we’re not traveling for the holidays. Having a child with asthma during a pandemic has been extremely stressful so we have limited contact with anyone outside our family of three.  Watch me & A.J. in this CBS 46 News report on burnout for moms and tell me in the comments if you can relate. I share some of my go-to coping tips below.

Watch: Burnout for Moms is a Reality

Talking about being burned with Tracye Hutchins out was helpful. So was the advice the expert shared.

Then I had a week where I felt even more stressed and on edge. I took some time away from things. Told my friends I needed their prayers and support. I cut down on obligations and moved a few deadlines back. I’ve previously shared how Policing Protests, the Pandemic and Puberty were a lot to tackle back in Spring 2020 and I also asked Has the Pandemic Removed Work-Life Balance for Moms?

Small Ways I’m Coping with Burnout

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  • I moved my office outside.  I bought an adjustable mobile desk that I can move from my front porch to my back porch depending on the weather. A change of scenery from my home office is a great way to switch up the monotony. I love the tilt feature and the ability to have the mouse pad as a desk extension.
  • I plan things to look forward to. We took a short weekend trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Although my first choice was a Georgia or Florida Beach, none of us wanted to be in the car for that long. Chattanooga was a little more than two hours away and a place we’ve never been. Our hotel had an indoor pool that A.J. enjoyed. We had some great food and enjoyed the Tennessee riverfront.

  • I’m focusing on my physical health. This month I tackled a huge fear and had a troublesome wisdom tooth pulled. I scheduled my COVID booster. A.J. is getting vaccinated at his next physical. We’ve both been seeing a great chiropractor to help alleviate the discomfort of being at our desks and on our devices so many hours a day.
  • Therapy. After almost four months on a waiting list, I finally got an appointment with an amazing therapist.
  • I’m searching for a hobby. Real talk: I can’t think of anything that’s just a fun activity I do for myself. If you have some suggestions, let me know!
  • Affirmations and journaling! I usually wait until January to buy a new Blue Sky planner and then wonder why the BLEEP I can’t find one that I need at Target. But I have my eye on a new planner and some affirmation journals.

Do you identify with burnout moms are suffering due to the pandemic? What are some of your coping mechanisms?

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  1. As caregivers for our families, we been put under extra-stress these past two years. For some of us, it not only included virtual learning, it included college kids coming home and suddenly, everyone was working from home and I had no space for myself.

    Your coping ideas are a wonderful way to incorporate some stress-relief.

  2. These are all great ideas! Never forget to take care of yourself! A healthy mom is super important for the family.