[VIDEO] 3 Ways To Cope With Mom Guilt

Yes, you’re going to feel guilty about your decisions as a mom. Among the most popular triggers for mom guilt are:

Return to work vs. Stay at home

Breastfeed vs. Formula

Dairy vs. Vegan or Vegetarian

Nanny vs. Daycare

Public school vs. Private school

Only child vs. Trying for one more

They’re all trade-offs.  A balancing act. At every phase of parenting AJ, I’ve felt mom guilt. During the pandemic, I’ve been torn because he’s learning from home to limit his exposure to COVID. Although his grades are great, his connections with his friends have been inconsistent and often through playing games online. He spends way more time on his computer and phone than I’d like.

WATCH: 3 Essentials to Coping With Mom Guilt



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Here’s a quick recap of my video:

Realize: Every mom has mom guilt. Even your mom is coping with it.

Release it: Tell a trusted friend or therapist how you’re feeling.

Rewrite it: Take that negative narrative by saying the opposite to yourself.

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As AJ watched me shoot this video in our bedroom, he asked  “What’s Mom Guilt?” See! Our children aren’t even aware of the invisible burdens we’re carrying around.

More coping skills for mom guilt:

Reward yourself: Once you’ve faced your feelings & worked through them even if it keeps happening over and over – reward yourself. This can mean doing your favorite self-care activity or making yourself a treat that’s not to be shared with your children.

Reorganize: Every once in a while we need a re-set to the way we’ve been doing things. It may be time to have a family meeting about the way your family is functioning to help lighten your stress level.  Spend some time using the free printable family goals planner to set your family’s intentions for travel, education, spending, etc.

12 Life Events that Require a Family Meeting

Finally, why is there no such thing as “Dad Guilt”? Why are men given this free pass when it comes to criticizing their parenting decisions?

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