Family Goals Planner {Free Printable}

2015 was a blast for our family thanks to safe travels and A.J. having a blast attending his first year of public school. But we did very little planning. We were winging it for much of the year. Imagine how much more we could have accomplished if we had planned our year ahead of time?! So I created a family goals planner you can download for free!


Family Goals Planner

What is a Family Goals Planner?

The family goals guide I created can be started at any time of the year, not just January.

It covers your family’s goals for vital areas including:

  • Spiritual
  • Financial
  • Health
  • Home management
  • Education
  • Career
  • Travel/Hobby

Don’t get overwhelmed. I’ve sectioned it off my goals you’d like your family to accomplish this month, this quarter, this year and next year.

Once you download the guide to start setting family goals

  • Host a family meeting to start planning
  • Print & Post the goals
  • Revisit & revise the goals
  • Accomplish & celebrate

Week on Long Island

Travel goals are really some of the most fun to plan and discuss. In 2015, we took a family trip to my parent’s home on Long Island, New York; a Georgia Staycation to Athens; a Carnival Cruise to the Caribbean; a Christmas Day trip to see family on the East Coast.

Weekend Getaway Idea for Atlanta Parents: Visit Athens, GA ~
I’d love for us to take another child-free trip to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary, as well as return to some of A.J.’s favorite places around Georgia to visit.

We’re looking for a larger home with more space and considering where to send A.J. for first grade. We have lots of big decisions to make this year!

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Click the Family Goals Planning Guide HERE:

Family Goals Guide


Once you’ve established your family’s goals, here are Creative Ways to Display Your Family’s Resolutions 

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