4 Things You’ll Love About the #MothersDayMovie

Thank you Pro Flowers for allowing us to see a preview of the Mother’s Day Movie and providing me with an official Mother’s Day bouquet.

The film was hilarious and had many emotional moments. Take your Mom, take your sister’s, take your girlfriends. I took our six-year-old son and he had a ball. Here’s are four things you’ll love about the film:

Mothers Day Movie

Mother’s Day Movie

For a little background the movie features an ensemble cast with Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Anniston and Jason Sudeikis.

It’s one of those films where everyone’s story line intersects.

Jennifer Anniston plays a divorced mom of two boys who’s surprised when her ex-husband marries a younger woman.

Kate Hudson is Jennifer’s close friend. Kate is hiding her marriage and son from her close-minded parents.

Julia Roberts is a home shopping queen who’s devoted to work because she’s suffering from a huge loss.

No one’s loss is bigger than Jason Sudeikis’ because his wife was killed in combat and he’s left to raise their daughters alone.

Mother’s Day Movie Preview

1. Atlanta Scenery

Before the preview started, several filmmakers gave us a few cool facts about the Mother’s Day movie. It was filmed entirely in Atlanta.

Keep your eyes out for cool scenes from Piedmont Park, Old Fourth Ward Park and a train station with a restaurant.

Also, did you know Julia Roberts was born in Smyrna, Georgia? She also grew up spending lots of time with Dr. Martin Luther King’s children.

2. Pretty Woman Reference

Julia Roberts and Héctor Elizondo are reunited in this film 26 years after they were in Pretty Woman together. Pay close attention to how they interact and you’ll enjoy a cute and memorable reference to Pretty Woman!

3. Jason Sudeikis

As the primary male actor in the film, Jason Sudeikis has an amazing ability to hold his own. I was first introduced to him as a cast member of Saturday Night Love.


4. Forgiveness

Chances are you’ve had to forgive your Mother or she’s had to forgive you. All of the characters who play moms in this film come to grips with mistakes and forgiveness. Lord knows I’ve asked A.J. to forgive me more times than I’d like to admit.

You’ll see this lovely bouquet with roses in the Mother’s Day Movie too. It’s a not so subtle reminder to order them for your Mother in time for Mother’s Day.


Mothers Day Bouquet


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