[VIDEO] No More Kitchen Counter Clutter With This Charging Station for Devices

Our kitchen counter was getting cluttered with a mobile charging station, A.J.’s kindle, my iPad, batteries/chargers and cables. I had to get the clutter out of there so that my brand new Keurig could adequately stand out at its stand-alone coffee station. If kitchen counter clutter is driving you crazy, watch me assemble this easy solution that fixed it and provided some flexibility. My commission-earning affiliate links are below.

Kitchen Counter Clutter


I chose a 3-tier rolling cart as my solution to the kitchen counter clutter problem. I used a Michael’s 20% off store coupon to buy the cart, chose a curbside pickup at checkout, went to my closest Michael’s store, checked in, and watched a Michael’s employee put it in my trunk. Here’s what the popular rolling cart looks like in case you pick it up in-store.


3-Tier Rolling Cart


While it seems like everyone else uses these rolling for organizing craft supplies, I’m not a crafty kind of mom. But I like that this cart provides a simple solution to organize items, makes them accessible, plus gives you the flexibility to move it around thanks to the solid four wheels on the bottom.

Honestly, this box sat around for a few weeks before I got up the nerve to put it together. I created this time-lapse video to show you how I put together the 3-tier cart.

Watch: How to Assemble a 3-Tier Rolling Cart

Quick note: I’m not done making this charging station exactly the way I want it. I’ll probably add some containers to stack the batteries in a more organized way, along with labeling the ones that are fully charged. Now that we live in a neighborhood with tons of tree, losing power on a windy day is quite likely. Keeping batteries charged is pretty much a ritual for us to be able to use our devices in an emergency.

Comment below: Do you have a 3-tier rolling cart? How do you use it around the house or office?

Where to buy: Michael’s or Amazon or any craft store; select from a variety of carts with varying tiers and holders.

Cost: $29.99 and up

Colors: Choose from white, black, mint (what I chose), berry, blue, and more.

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