July, 2017

  • 22 July

    5 Step Checklist to Make the #GirlsTrip Movie the Ultimate Girls Night Out

    Ultimate Girls Night Out

    For the Girls Trip movie I’m making an exception about seeing a movie twice in the theater. It’s THAT good. I nabbed a ticket for an exclusive screening of the new “chick flick” at the BlogHer 17 conference in Orlando a few weeks ago. I’m going back to the theater …

  • 13 July

    [VIDEO] REI Atlanta Offers How To Ride A Bike Classes for Kids (And Adults)

    Featured Class for Kids

    Remember when your parents ran behind you holding on to your seat to teach you how to ride a bike? Well, that old school way is no more!  The new theory for bike riding instruction is to learn balance with NO pedals – then add pedals to ride safely. If …

  • 11 July

    What Our 7-Year-Old Learned This Summer

    Featured Find Free Kids Events

    At the end of every school year, I dread planning for summer. It’s hot. It’s expensive to feed growing kids. It’s a delicate balancing act to keep an energetic boy who’s an only child – busy. I want nothing more than to sit around at the pool every day and …

  • 10 July

    Summer Survival Series: Where to Find Free Kids Events

    Thanks to your feedback on what  I should feature in the Summer Survival Series, one of the biggest questions is “where do I find free kids events?” If you’re budget conscious and have multiple children, I know that the cost of summer activities can really add up. Here’s a list …

  • 6 July

    4 Simple Steps to Planning Your Summer Travel a Year Ahead of Time


    This summer taught me that last-minute planning doesn’t always work. We haven’t traveled much, except for my trip to Orlando for a conference. A.J. attended a few camps in June. Otherwise, this has been a low-key summer. If I’d planned better, it would have been much different.  Would you like …