Atlanta Spring Kids Consignment Sales

Atlanta Spring Kids Consignment Sales

It's Spring Consignment Sale Season! So I put together this short list of 2015 Atlanta Spring Kids Consignment Sales to help you buy gently used items or sell the ones you've been saving. If you know of other area sales, you’re welcome to leave a link in the comments below. Keep in mind each sale … [Read More...]

Featured Blueberry Puff Pastry

Simple Blueberry Puff Pastry

It's been way too long since I've had a Ladies Night Out where my mommy friends get together to chat, relax and eat. Thanks sponsor Pepperidge Farm I just had a fun night with my blogging buddies where we tasted some creative recipes made with puff pastry.  It inspired me to create my own Blueberry … [Read More...]

Figuring Out 40

Thank God I Didn't Get Married in My 20's ~

Thank God I Didn’t Get Married in My 20’s

The highlight of my weekend was watching a new movie, "With This Ring", on Lifetime TV. A fellow journalist, Denene Millner from who's also a NY Times Best Selling Author, watched her co-authored novel come to life on the small screen. I had the opportunity to chat with her for an … [Read More...]

L'Oreal Preference Mousse Absolue

(VIDEO) Before & After: L’Oreal Preference Mousse Absolue

I found my first grey hair on my 28th birthday. Since then, the greys have invited even more of their little friends to the party on my scalp. For about 10 years, I highlighted my hair which covered the worst of the greys. Since I no longer have highlights or a relaxer, I've turned to coloring my … [Read More...]

When You Procastinate

What REALLY Happens When You Procrastinate #FiguringOut40

I can’t be the only person who has notebooks and notepads full of tasks on a to-do list that -  I have not done. It’s even more evident to me this year because I’m “trying” to clean up my desk and there are notes every.friggin.where. Some of them I misplaced. Others I just pushed aside. I paused … [Read More...]

I Let Things Go Too Far #FiguringOut40 ~

I Let Things Go Too Far #FiguringOut40

This year, I realized I had done a total 180 degree change when it came to at least two of my female friendships. Usually that's a good thing - to change. In my case, it wasn't. You see, I let things go too far and they became irreparable. See, I used to be pretty confrontational if I had an … [Read More...]

Recent Reviews

Love the South Beach Diet Featured

(VIDEO) 6 Reasons Why I Love the South Beach Diet

For 2015, like many of you, I'm getting back in the saddle with my health and fitness journey. Back in 2012, I introduced #FitnessFriday where I shared my weight loss journey each week. I lost more than 10 pounds and connected with some amazing Atlanta fitness experts including Cafe Physique and … [Read More...]

Bantu Knot Tutorial

(VIDEO) Bantu Knot Tutorial with December Onyx Box Products #WeAreOnyx

I just used the December Onyx Box products to create one of my go-to hair styles: bantu knots that I pull out and wear in a curly style. Since my hair is naturally kinky it is resistant to curl unless I blow dry, flat iron and curl it with a curling iron. Instead, I created this bantu knot tutorial … [Read More...]

Parenting Resolutions

Try These New Year’s Parenting Resolutions Inspired by Dr. G’s Guide

I met Dr. Deborah Gilboa, better known as Dr. G,  at the Parents Palooza event and expo in Atlanta in 2012 when she was the keynote speaker. Since then we've become "tweeps" which means we tweet each other, retweet each other, had a phone call or two and of course, enjoy running into each other at … [Read More...]


Sid Simone Wells Fargo

Learn From a Jena 6 Protestor and More Inspiring Stories (Video)

Throughout my career as a TV journalist I faced the personal challenge of covering racial incidents. Never was this more apparent than when I worked in Mississippi as a TV news anchor and reporter. There were allegations of racism in stores, schools, housing and in the criminal justice system. The … [Read More...]

EZ Tofu Press, tofu press reviews, how to press tofu, how to cook tofu, EZ tofu press reviews

EZ Tofu Press Offers Vegetarian Meals Filled with Flavor

  Since I'm not much of a cook, I'm always looking for ways to prepare my family's meals easier and faster. My friend Alix has been a vegetarian for decades and she loves it. I tried to go vegetarian for a week and was far from successful. It was my first time eating tofu in several frozen … [Read More...]

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service Project Ideas

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service Project Ideas for Children

As we approach what would be Dr. King's 86th birthday, we should all be reminded that this national holiday is designed to be "a day ON, not a day OFF."  The National Service Day coincides with his birthday to encourage U.S. citizens to give back to their communities in his memory.  No matter how … [Read More...]

Weight Loss Accountability Partner

Find a Weight Loss Accountability Partner at CVS MinuteClinic #HealthYourself

I'm guilty of running into my local CVS to grab a few health and beauty items that are on sale, then rushing out the door.  Do you do the same thing? Well, next time you're in CVS, swing by the MinuteClinic and notice some of the new programs there, including MinuteClinic's Weight Loss Program. In … [Read More...]