• Two brown adult feet crossed over each other in the white sand

    It’s Sandal Season! Here’s How to Get Ready

    The must-have shoe for summer is the sandal. I have several pairs that I love to wear when the weather allows. It just reached 90 degrees here in Georgia so I grabbed a few sandals out of my closet to rock when we hit the pool, the beach, or for a date night. If sandal season caught you off guard without your toes and heels …

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  • Summer Allergy Season Survival Kit

    Most summers I seem to get through May & June just fine. Until last week when my eyes were red (or as A.J. described them – pink) and itchy for three days. I skipped the mascara and eye makeup to limit my discomfort. There’s nothing worse than smeared eye makeup because you were rubbing your irritated eyes. I made a quick run to my closest …

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  • According to My Friends: Here Are My Best Advice Quotes

    Think about your go-to friend for advice. Does she “drop knowledge” on you whenever you need it? Is she really relatable and honest? Apparently, some of my friends consider me that kind of g0-to person. I didn’t know this about myself until I had a deep conversation with women from my church’s study group. They took a moment to lovingly repeat back to me some …

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