6 Useful Twitter Tips for Moms to Use Every Week

Just last week I had a problem returning a workout shirt I’d purchased. The app I used to buy it –  was not helpful and was downright frustrating. Everything I clicked on the app sent me back to my shopping cart, NOT the return items page.  After about 20 minutes of back and forth with the shopping app, I decided to give Twitter a try. I sent a Twitter direct message to the company and told them I’m having a problem with processing a return. In less than 10 minutes, the company responded to me, asked for the email address I’d used to make the purchase, and emailed me a return form. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. This is just one way of many Useful Twitter Tips for Moms to use as often as they want, but I’d say at least once a week.

Twitter Tip: Claim your real name/legal name on Twitter when you sign up for an account using your email account.

I have a Twitter account for my blog (@MommyTalkShow) and for my professional name (@JoyceBrewerTV). Plus, I manage Twitter account for my social media clients. But someone claimed my name back in 2011 and hasn’t used the account since. It’s a useless account that I’d like to have.

If someone already has your real name claimed on Twitter, you can switch things up by adding an underscore. For example, you could use the Twitter name/handle: @Mom_TwitterName if @MomTwitterName is already claimed.

6 Useful Twitter Tips for Moms

6 Useful Twitter Tips for Moms

1. Tweet for Better Customer Service

I used my example at the top about finding a customer service solution better thanks to Twitter.

Many brands do an excellent job of monitoring any customer service issues on social media. They like to respond promptly to squash any issues.

Airlines especially good about responding to fliers’ concerns. If you’ve ever flown with children, especially over the holidays, you know snafus can happen.

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2. Tweet Career/Industry News

Many employers look at social media profiles when they’re hiring. You can create a separate social media account just to tweet news about your industry.

One of my friends from college stepped up er “Twitter game” while she was on the hunt for a new gig.

3. Tweet to win prizes

Join in Twitter parties hosted by brands and organizations. These 60-90 minute long Twitter events often feature a brand’s marketing message and awards prizes.  I’ve co-hosted Twitter parties for big brands like Walmart and Kia Motors, as well as small, growing businesses like Bobbi-Toads light up shoes.

You can also follow giveaway accounts or your favorite brands where you can tweet for a chance to win prizes.

4. Tweet to support organizations and charities.

Non-profits and children’s charities often need support on Twitter. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.


Twitter Tip: You can read public tweets without joining Twitter.

5. Find community on Twitter

I connect with many of my blogging buddies on Twitter. I also tweet about the brands and companies I love.

Even if you don’t work in social media like I do, I find great jokes and memes on Twitter to break up my day.

On my favorite TV shows nights like Thursdays I love to tweet what’s going on with Grey’s Anatomy.

You’d be surprised by some of the people you can connect with from all over the world just because you like the same TV show.

Do you have a favorite actress, comedian or musician? Chances are they’re on Twitter too. Read their tweets and engage with them.

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6. Follow breaking news & weather

Every morning I open my Twitter app first – to find out what’s going on in the world, then I head over to Facebook.

I like to see what’s trending on Twitter and if any crazy news happened overnight.

Twitter is also a great resource for new studies and research. All you have to do is use the Twitter search bar and use it just like a search engine.

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  1. All these tips are perfect Joyce. I love the one about claiming your personal name. People are so lame for claiming someone else’s name.

  2. Hey! So I have two twitter accounts…@Ijust_lovethis and @SobeSavvy. One before the blog and one after. I use it for many reasons but like you I check it for breaking/trending news each morning and to catch up on remarks about a show. It can be quite entertaining!

  3. Chrissy Teigen is hilarious! I follow her and Tina Knowles on Instagram. It’s fun to see celebrities gush over their kids just like us regular folks!

  4. I dont nearly use utilize twitter the way I should and I am trying to do a better job but there are so many channels and I get overwhelmed trying to decide which one to focus on.

  5. Yep all great tips! You can get a brand/company’s attention really quick on Twitter it’s really kinda sad that they’ll respond vial twitter faster than using the actual process they have in place for complaints or issues. But, I guess it’s the age will live in.

  6. Great tips., my Twitter game has been weak lately and I’m sure things will improve if employ your tips. Thank you

  7. These are really great tips. I try staying active by keeping up with my daughter’s school and school district.

  8. Twitter is really the first place I go for breaking news. I’ve never thought to claim my real name on there, but I did after this post.

  9. I think finding a community is great for any niche. It helps you find friends online and build relationships yes even on Twitter.

  10. These are great tips. I too have had great customer experiences with brands for good and bad reasons. I appreciate the quick response either way.

    I follow the school county, news, and my government agency on Twitter so I can stay in the loop.

  11. I am not a mom, but I have certainly used Twitter to communicate with companies. Not only telling them what they may have done wrong, but also some great things. I also like to follow what is going on in the area, in my city, and more. It is a great tool to find out what is going on.

  12. I’m not a mother yet, but these were some awesome tips! I’m thinking of forwarding this post to some of my peers who are moms and would benefit.

  13. Great advice, even non moms can use!

  14. I am fairly new to twitter and really glad to have connected with you there. Ever since we’ve been on the UK TV show Shop Smart, Save Money, we have been getting much more followers daily. I hope these people know I am still learning! I will use up your tips for connecting with others. Soon I’ll be a pro like you. Thanks so much and have a fab day my sister.