[VIDEO] Bobbi-Toads Kids Light Up Shoes Review

A.J. usually wears whatever we buy him. No muss. No fuss. Now that he’s almost eight years old, he’s becoming more opinionated about what he wears. When I told him we were doing a kids light up shoes review, he wasn’t immediately excited. Then I showed him the styles and colors of Bobbi-Toads Kids Light Up Shoes, which quickly changed his mind. Next, he asked to do a video demonstration of what he liked best about them. He chose a boys style and color. But there are an array of choices for your children to select, then decorate to fit their personal style.

[VIDEO] Bobbi-Toads Kids Light Up Shoes Review

Thank you to Bobbi-Toads for providing light-up shoes for review and hiring Mommy Talk Show as a Twitter Party host.

[VIDEO] Bobbi-Toads Kids Light Up Shoes Review
Photo credit: Bobbi-Toads

The Bobbi-Toads photo above lets you see what girls love about them. Their shoes are brightly colored, covered in decorative toads and are feature “toes” you can paint with custom polish. Add stickers for even more flare! Speaking of stickers, stick around for an exclusive savings code.

We hosted a Bobbi-Toads Twitter Party right before the holiday season to tell shoppers about the brand and extend a savings code.  Twitter Party participants were asked to choose their favorite Bobbi-Toads design. I saw lots of Twitter votes for the JacJac Velcro Strap Shoes ($49.95) in blue.

[VIDEO] Bobbi-Toads Kids Light Up Shoes Review
Photo Credit: Bobbi-Toads
[VIDEO] Bobbi-Toads Kids Light Up Shoes Review
Photo Credit: Bobbi-Toads
Bobbi-Toads also makes adult sizes up to size nine for women, so you can look just as cool as your kids!

We received the Black & White 4Boomz Boys Bobbi-Toads for review. He’s worn them to church on Sunday when he likes to wear a button-down shirt and jeans. But for his video review, he took STEM approach and did an unscientific demonstration.

Watch A.J.’s Bobbi-Toads

Light Up Shoes Review

Bobbi-Toads gives back with each sale. Thirty percent of profits benefit The Mission of Our Lady of Angels in Chicago for underserved youth. The kid’s shoe brand also supported Hurricane Irma victims in Puerto Rico.

Are you ready to shop and order a pair for your children? Order and save 20% off + free shipping with the code: MOMMYTALKSHOW20 when you order on BobbiToads.com.

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  1. These are super cute and I love that they give back. That’s definitely a plus in my book!

  2. Now he is just too stinking cute with his light up shoes! Kids are so easily excited. I’ve never heard of Bobbi Toads before so thank you for sharing!

  3. Those are adorable! Do they have them for adults? LOL. Great post!

  4. I love these! My daughter would love these, especially since you can put your own mark on it.

  5. How cute and my grand wee ones would love these. And I love that they use them to give back, especially to an organization in my city!

  6. My youngest daughter would absolutely love these!! She is all about the bling and the blink and would love to show these off…

  7. I must say the styles are much cuter than I expected. As a mother of a girly girl, she would love the “toes” you can paint with custom polish. Nice touch.

  8. I remember your twitter party on these and they look like such fun to decorate – especially the little toenails on the toe of the shoe!

  9. I like light up shoes, too bad they don’t have them in my size! I would love the shoes because you can paint them and they are velcro, how cool is that! Glad he enjoyed the shoes.

  10. Oh look at these! I’v e never seen shoes you can paint. Fun!

  11. The shoes are so cute on your son. I hope that they will remain durable during play time. My girls would like a pair with flowers on them.

  12. I see a lot of kids with light-up shoes. They seem to love them. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  13. These are really cute! I need to get my daughter a pair; she would love these.