Soul Singer Anthony Hamilton Gave Atlanta Children Behind The Scenes Look at Music Industry

I’ve been a fan of soul singer Anthony Hamilton and his music since I’ve heard his hit singles “Charlene” and “Coming From Where I’m From.” He embodies the soul singing of the 60’s and puts his own neo-soul spin on it. When Hamilton performed in Atlanta this month, we were invited to a behind the scenes experience with Atlanta youth from the YMCA & Steve Harvey Foundation. It was designed to inspire the students to pursue careers in STEM and the arts. Here are some of the life lessons Hamilton shared with young people, some of whom told him they’d like to pursue a career in music. If you make a purchase of Anthony Hamilton’s music through my Amazon affiliate links, I’ll earn a small commission.


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Although Anthony Hamilton is a Grammy award-winning singer who tours the world, he couldn’t do it on his own. We met the audio, lighting and music professionals who made his stage performances at Wolf Creek Amphitheater.

Stage Manager Greg Black is responsible for sound, lights and performance gear. He’s also worked with the Isley Brothers. Courtney Williams is the Front House Engineer who’s also worked with Common and Fantasia. Eric Jones in the Sound Engineer who makes sure what the audience hears is perfection. Guy Rhodes is the lighting director who sets the mood on stage.

Each of them explained their roles and responsibilities to the young attendees. They shared the technical aspects of each role and what it’s like touring around the world.

For young people who are engaged in STEM, this was a meaningful interaction to see how lighting, electricity, and engineering all work together to create an amazing stage presence.


We also met the “Hamiltones” – the hilarious background singers who accompany Hamilton and they also tour on their own. Here’s their hilarious, stylish take on the Keke Challenge from the Drake song, “In My Feelings.”

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Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Anthony Hamilton explained to the young listeners that he had many unsuccessful attempts at music before he became most well-known. When asked if he couldn’t be a singer, what else would he be doing, Hamilton says he’d be a barber or a fashion stylist. That made me giggle because I think Hamilton has a very unique fashion sense. My husband and I called it “Hobo Chic.” In this era of what appears to be an “overnight success”, Hamilton reminded the teenagers that he worked hard for years and opened for other singers before became a headliner of his own shows.

Give Back

Anthony Hamilton is a father of six children, including a set of twins, and was adopted as a child. He has a big heart for children and helping them pursue their dreams. The time he spent giving Atlanta children a behind the scenes look at his Atlanta show, is a great reminder to give back.


Talkback to me: What’s your favorite Anthony Hamilton song? Name another celebrity or artist you admire for spending time with children’s charities and organizations.

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  1. He does a good job giving back to the community! I love so many of his songs, I’d have to say my favorite albums are Ain’t nobody worryin’ and Comin’ from where I’m from

  2. Anthony Hamilton and I both are from NC. And from what I’ve noticed, many people from NC are generally passionate about the projects that participate in. Kudos to Anthony for making time to give back to such a worthy cause.

  3. I love Anthony Hamilton he puts on a great show! I do mean great.. he always in the audience working up a sweat. It’s always good to see stars giving back to the community. you can tell is a really nice guy..

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  5. Wow! Def didn’t know he was adopted! And this is an amazing charitable act. I loved him as an artist but I had no idea what he did for the community. Love him even more now!

  6. I love me some Anthony Hamilton. I know this was so great for those kids. The next soul singer could be right in that room.

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  8. I’m always happy to hear about artists giving back, and I really like Anthony Hamilton. He has such a great voice

  9. That was so cool that he did that!

  10. I fell in love with Anthony Hamilton off his music. Then I learned more about him as a man. It made me love him even more. I adore people who give back, especially those who are famous and or very successful. I have to many favorites to only name one.

  11. Such an awesome way to get a real look at the music industry. There’s so much to learn folks don’t realize how hard it really is.