[VIDEO] Mid-Year Career Advice for Mompreneurs + Resources

Although I’m sharing this in July when there’s six’s months of the year left, you can use this advice anytime you’ve reached a plateau or need direction in your business. For mompreneurs, work at home moms and solopreneurs, you’re often “going it alone.” I hope this Mid-year Career Advice for Mompreneurs helps you reach your goals before the end of the year.

[VIDEO] Mid-Year Career Advice for Mompreneurs + Resources

I’m live on the Mommy Talk Show Facebook page every Wednesday at 12 p.m. ET with advice for work at home moms and mompreneurs.

Here’s a recap of the advice in the video that can boost your career for the last part of the year.

Look back

What’s worked in the first six months of the year? What product or service sold well?

What events did you attend that were excellent connection opportunities?

Look ahead

Take a look at your calendar for the next six months. How can you plan ahead for the holiday seasons?

Are there conferences and events you’d like to attend before the end of the year?

Will you take off from work?

Is it time to get a virtual assistant or hire part-time help to free up your time?


“Two heads are better than one.”

Who can you collaborate with to cross promote your products and services?

I featured a partnership between the moms who own New Morning Community Preschool who contributed How to Pick the Perfect Summer Camp for Your Preschooler.



Use What You Know: A Business Idea Guide for Moms

There’s also a mom partnership featured in my book, Business Idea Guide for Moms with the Atlanta firm Collective Experts. Here’s Emma Sudduth explaining why she chose to create a 50/50 partnership as a mompreneur.


Attend a networking event

Get out and meet new people. Networking can energize you and keep you posted on new trends.

Practice your elevator pitch. Follow-up with the people you meet.

Although I love the flexibility of working from home, nothing energizes me like a day when I book a video shoot or collaborate with other bloggers.

Joyce Brewer On Camera

Ask for support

“A hungry mouth doesn’t get fed.”  

“The squeaky wheel gets the oil.”

Ask your family and friends for support. A Facebook share, tweet or forwarding your newsletter can help you reach a new audience with no marketing budget.

Comment below: What else can help invigorate the last part of your year business-wise?


Mid-Year Career Advice for Mompreneurs


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Resources for Mompreneurs:

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  1. Such great advice! I really enjoyed reading this since I consider myself a mom-preneur!

  2. Great advice for anyone who consider themselves a entrepreneurs . Looking ahead is key to any business person, because having a plan is vital.

  3. I think that networking and asking for advice are very important here
    But before that a good self-analysis will really help

  4. Thank you for sharing. Although I am not a mother yet. I really enjoyed your post. Networking is not the easiest thing for me to do… Thank you for your advice. I am also in ATL .. maybe I will see you around 🙂

  5. This is a great set of advice! I’m not even a mom and I can get to a mental plateau and I could definitely use more of a plan most of the time. I hadn’t considered a ‘personal assistant’ but anything to help with organization would be amazing.

  6. Great advice for moms, or really anyone looking to build a business.

  7. These are great tips, Joyce. I need to do better at looking back at what worked/what didn’t work and make changes. I also need to do better at planning for the future. I have to admit, I don’t get out that much to network with other people.

    I would love to do more networking and collaborating with other bloggers. I’m going to add this to my goals for the next few months!

  8. These tips are really great! I’ll have to implement them myself 🙂

  9. Networking can take you places. I have to admit it isn’t one of my strong points. I appreciate the tips.

  10. Planning is key for me. I have the rest of the year planned out and it definitely helps me keep on track.

  11. This is good advice, I need to check back in with my goals. We are 7 months into the year and while I may not be where I want to be with my goals I’ve gained better direction. I’ve found a lane that is going to force me to grow in an area I love. An area I didn’t know I loved at the top of the year.

    My goals are shifting.

  12. Great advice, I think its important to evaluate your business every so often to celebrate success, see what isn’t working and how you can improve. I think networking is absolutely essential to any business.

  13. Thank you. Great advice. Gave me some things to think about and goals to amend.

  14. Brilliant tools for growth in business & personally. important to take inventory of ones self & practices. I need to work on the networking part.

  15. Love this advice. All your tips are right on point. My favorites tips are attending networking events and collaborating with others. The back half of the year, I want to do more work with other bloggers. Something fun and educational that is mutually beneficial. Thanks for sharing this information.