I Talked Myself Out of Getting Sick, It Didn’t Work

I learned an expensive health lesson this month. What started out as a sore throat and runny nose quickly declined into a full-blown sickness.

I was out for the count, immobilized and pathetic.

When I talked to my friend Michele on the phone one morning, she sounded very concerned about my well-being. She’s got a typical one hour Atlanta commute to work and from the tone of concern in her voice, I thought she was going to turn around and come to my house.

Michele called again on the way to work the second day and she expected me to sound better. I didn’t. I couldn’t hide it any more. My voice sounded like Weezy from the Jeffersons on a bad day!  Instead of going to the doctor I waited and waited and waited.

This did nothing but elongate my sickness, frustrate my husband and frustrate my child. They were walking around me. Leaning away from me. Both of whom retreated to the guest bedroom because they did not want to sleep with me.

I thought that this cold and flu season would be different. I got my flu shot early, I wash my hands regularly, I made sure A.J. washed his hands every time we came home from school or the store.

Family Photo at LTYM


Somehow his six-year-old body could handle weeks of a runny nose. My 43-year-old body was not ready. After school all I could do was pick up A.J. from school, come home and get into the bed. By day four of five, I called for an after school appointment and hoped for the best.

I kept convincing myself that doctors aren’t prescribing antibiotics as much, so even if I went I’d probably be sent home to rest and drink more water.

How wrong I was! The moment my family doctor heard my voice and saw me struggling to breathe due to the terrible cough, he knew that what I was bacterial and not viral. Only antibiotics, an inhaler, overnight cough syrup, high dose ibuprofen and eye drops would clear up the mess that I’d made for myself.

A few days and a few doses later, I started to feel like a normal person again.

Comment below: Moms, have you talked yourself out of going to the doctor? How do you keep on top of your health and wellness?

I admit, I’m guilty of these 4 Risky Health Habits for Moms.  Never again, will I explain away a severe cold without at least calling my doctor’s nurse.  I’ll also get my flu shot regularly. For southern shoppers, get your flu shot at Kroger for additional fuel points!

Risky Health Habits FB

Pregnancy & Flu Shots

I also remember when I was about six months pregnant with AJ I got it terrible cold and it was nothing I could take because of my pregnancy except for flushing out my nostrils and waiting for everything else to pass.

This is a great time to remind pregnant moms that the CDC and health experts recommend that you get a flu shot before and during your pregnancy to protect you and your baby. I shared a reminder on the Mommy Talk Show Facebook page:

Family Flu Protection

You may recall my flu shot regret back in 2014. Our Thanksgiving vacation was ruined by skipping the shot that year. A.J. and I both ended up sick. It turns out it wasn’t my fault because the flu was rampant that year because the batch of the flu shot wasn’t as effective.

A.J.’s asthma makes cold & flu season even more dangerous for us. Here’s a look at what I keep in my “Asthma Attack Pack” to keep his colds and runny nose episodes from developing into an asthma attack. The Sneeve is a mess-free option for children to sneeze into their elbow.

Asthma Attack Pack

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  1. Bwahahahaha. I tell myself that I can’t get sick all the time. I never listen to myself, though. =/ I loved this one, Wheezy.

  2. It’s definitely important for people to take proper precautions and establish healthy habits. It’s nice that flu shots are so widely available.

  3. I have definitely done this before. Recently I thought I had just bruised my ankle. Turns out, it was fractured.

  4. I must admit I talk myself out of seeing a doctor when I have the sniffles. Why? Because I hate waiting in line to be seen. I always dismiss my symptoms as “just a cold” and make do with over the counter medications. Once, my cold ended up into something worse. Nowadays, we always get our flu shots. Better safe than sorry.

  5. I can definitely relate to your sick story! Try as I may, extra hand washing and immunity supplements don’t always work against germs, and as a family of asthmatics, we definitely appreciate that handy attack pack.

  6. I completely get how you feel. We were really sick last week and we are just now on the mend.

  7. I used to work in a hospital and we always get a flu shot. I think it is a smart choice to keep yourself from getting sick.

  8. Seems like as a mom it’s so much easier to focus on the kids than on ourselves. We always seem to take the backseat for everything don’t we. Love that Sneeve! What a great idea!

  9. i can relate to you! i thought it was just a flu but it turned out to be a mosquito virus. its best to have proper precaution!

  10. I’m trying to convince my husband to get himself to the doctor. It’s so important to take good care of yourself.

  11. My husband doesn’t seem to believe in health care or pre-care. He never gets a flu shot and then seems shocked when he gets sick.

  12. I am sorry to hear A.J. has asthma – I have a friend who suffers from this, coupled with chronic sinus infections. It can be a bear!

    I could see how flu season is aggravating to say the least. My husband also tries to avoid seeing the doctor, to see if he could “weather out” the bug. Once he did so, but it took him 3 1/2 weeks to work through it. I rather not take this approach. 🙂

  13. I’m right there with you. I have told myself for two weeks that I’m not sick.

    I am sick.

    Why are we so stubborn about these things? Also? I need one of those sneezy sleeves for me!

  14. Aw you poor thing Joyce. I just keep seeing commercial where it says mom dont get sick days and reminded me of this post. I am happy you finally got some medical help or it could of got worst. Sometimes supermom need to recover too…dont feel like you can supermom your way out of sickness.

  15. I am the same as you! Always trying to talk myself out of sickness! So smart to get that flu shot-just in case!! Seriously we think we can do it all and sometimes it is okay if we take off our invisible supermom capes!

  16. Oh bless our heart girl. This season was a bad one, so don’t feel too bad. Plus, the doctor can be a pain in the but sometimes.

  17. My kids all had a stomach flu this week. I am hoping and praying I don’t catch it too. I’m glad you finally got the medicine you needed to get better. Got to take care of yourself!