What I Keep in My Asthma Attack Pack During Cold & Flu Season

Winter is an anxious time for families living with asthma. Every little sneeze or sniffle from our son,  A.J.,  can turn into a major asthma attack. Maybe it’s because last year was his first time in public school and attending five days a week, but he had more wheezing incidents than ever. He spent a lot of time in the school nurse’s office and after school, we often went straight to the pediatrician for breathing treatments and steroids. Instead of being reactive to his breathing issues, we’re taking a preventative approach to keep him healthy this cold and flu season. Take a look at what’s inside my asthma attack pack of products to keep him breathing easily.

A.J. Asthma

Asthma Attack Pack

Here’s what I keep in our anti-asthma arsenal during the winter months.

Saline Spray

I’ve got to keep it real about dealing with running noses and boogers. Saline drops helped a lot when he was little. Now that he’s a big boy, Little Remedies saline spray does the trick. Just be sure to wipe off the tip of the nozzle.


My husband was the first person who taught A.J. to sneeze into his elbow as a way to prevent spreading his germs. It’s been ingrained into his memory when he’s at school and at home. I received a complimentary pack of Sneeves to review. The disposable covers fit on your child’s elbow, over their clothes to catch the yucky snot they spread. Sneeves kill 99.9% of germs and they’re made in the U.S.A.

Sneeves stretched easily over A.J.’s shirts and jackets for the week he wore them during a major runny nose week.

Asthma-Attack Image

When A.J. wheezes and coughs, it’s almost impossible for him to get a good night’s rest. Numerous times he’s complained about a scratchy throat because his runny nose is dripping down.


Keeping A.J.’s bedroom moist when he’s suffering from a cold is easy from the Crane Drop Humidifier I reviewed a few years ago. This humidifier is filter-free and very quiet!

Asthma Control Medicine

This year, A.J.’s pediatrician placed him on a daily asthma control medicine. Our first prescription was for once a day then once the medication co-pay got more expensive, so we switched to one that’s used twice a day. It’s a pain in the neck to remember twice a day, but it’s cut down on our trips to the pediatrician with fewer steroids.

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Comment below: What are your favorite ways to keep your children healthy during cold & flu season? How do you cope with sniffles and sneezes? Do you have an asthma attack pack?

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What I Keep in Our Son's Asthma Attack Pack

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  1. Thx!

  2. So many people I know suffer from asthma, it seems increasingly more common now. It’s great to see you have developed a proactive plan to help your son avoid severe asthma attacks.

    The sneeze sleeve is something I think would be awesome for children and adults. That’s genius!

    Tia @penniesinmypocket

  3. My Mother suffered with sever allergies for a long time so I know all about that Saline spray. The Sneeve item is really cool! What a great way to avoid sneezy right onto your shoulder. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  4. This is a wonderful list, and I’d bet that there are many parents of children with asthma who could benefit from the items listed here. I will definitely be sharing. I just love the idea of Sneeves. They should be in schools everywhere, especially during cold season.

  5. Mimi "MimiCuteLips" Green

    I love this, I don’t have asthma but I have year long allergies. I could so use a set up like this especially for my four year old who also has allergies.

  6. I wish they had all of these things 10-15 years ago, or maybe they did and we just didn’t know. My step-daughter had asthma that flared only when she had a cold/allergies. Especially the soothie suckers!

  7. Having an asthma pack is a great idea. This handy pack would be available for kid who need. I know a lot of people who has asthma. Soothie suckers never heard of this interesting will share with mothers.

  8. You know because you are from Atlanta sneezing into your elbow is now created into a dance called “The Dab” lol I know kids. But this is great I love the Soothie Suckers and Humidified that definitely helps and I will tell my sister about the suckers to help my nephew he has asthma too!

  9. Great info. I had never heard of the Sneeve before and I needed a lozenge when my daughter was sick. These would have fit the bill. Thanks.

  10. Asthma is no joke especially in this weather. I can remember my mom had it real bad. Great way to prep the little guy especially since we can’t be by their sides 24/7. The Sneeve is so cool, great idea!

  11. The sneeve is cool. That is awesome some made that.

  12. Your son and I have something in common! As an adult asthma sufferer I actually have a similar routine. Using Flonase daily has actually reduced my ashtma flare ups tremendously. If I can keep my allergies in check then my asthma is much less of an issue. I have an air filtration system in my room, I take the flonase daily, and I take zyrtec regularly. I was looking at humidifiers for when I am in the middle of a flare up. I will check out the one that you reviewed for sure. Good luck to you. I hope his asthma battle gest easier as he gets older! #BrownBloggerLove

  13. Leigh Anne Borders

    Love the tips and products. We really want one of those Crane humidfiers.

  14. I have to deal with this too. My son has to take 4 puffs morning and night of his inhalers. It’s a pain but when he skips it for a bit, he ends up with an attack. Kudos for being proactive.

  15. Such a great post for parents with kids with asthma. Great tips to help the little ones protect themselves and others.

  16. Great tips! I need to get some of those Sneeves ~ very cool product to have on hand! We love Soothie Suckers too.

  17. aaronica @ the crunchy mommy

    that schneeve is so cool!

    and look at your baby snuggled up in his blanket!!! he’s so cute!