My Flu Shot Regret

For weeks, I’ve been telling myself to get the flu shot. I saw the “get your flu shot here” signs in Kroger, Walgreens, CVS and Target. But somehow I justified waiting another day or another week to get them for me and A.J. Now I’ve coined a term: flu shot regret!

My excuse list included:

“I’m busy.”

“I don’t have time today.”

“I’ll get it as soon as we get back from our Thanksgiving trip.”

“I’ll get around to it.”

Then right before our trip, the aches, cough and sneezing took over my body with a vengeance. I thought it was just the lingering cold A.J. had – but in a much stronger form. My doctor never tested me for the flu, but prescribed enough meds to help me get well enough to fly to see my family.

On Thanksgiving Day I managed to navigate the airport with an active preschooler, but I wasn’t much help setting the table or serving the food since I was “hacking up a lung.” I ate, fed my child and went back to bed.

The day after Thanksgiving A.J.’s fever spiked and kept spiking. He’d play a little bit with his cousins then come to a complete stop with a nap or a cuddling session in the closest adult’s lap. Over the counter medication gave him only a few hours of relief. Overnight at 2 am his fever spiked two nights in a row. Cool wash cloths were kept handy.
A.J. at Farm


We visited my Father’s grave and a local farm Sunday where A.J. saw animals, child-sized tractors and Christmas trees. A.J. seemed to have bounced back to his normal. Even on the flight home Monday night he seemed to “4 year old tired” NOT “I’m sick tired.”

By Tuesday morning my husband took A.J. to school while I slept in.
11:40 am – A.J. was sent home because he wasn’t feeling well and the school nurse said his temperature was 99.5.
12:30 pm – we were home and he was napping unto our 2 pm pediatricians appointment.
2:25 pm – we were in the exam room waiting on a diagnosis of the flu or walking pneumonia, while getting a breathing treatment. His temperature was 103.5!
2:25 pm – cue overwhelming flow of MOMMY GUILT for not getting the flu shot sooner.
2:35 pm – flu test is POSITIVE


I suspect I had the flu Thanksgiving week and passed it along him.

Get your shot TODAY.
Or you’ll be as sick as we are TOMORROW.

Visit, a site operated by The U.S. Health Department, for all the information you need about preventing and caring for someone with the flu.

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  1. Can I make you feel better? I’m 99% sure I had/have the flu. I got the flu shot about a month ago.

    The last time I had the flu? I got the flu shot.

    It’s not 100%. Has it saved me from getting it previously? No idea.

    But, the flu really sucks. I hope AJ is on the mend now!

  2. My family and I never got the flu shot before and never had the flu (knock on wood). I hope AJ is feeling better now.

  3. Oh no! I hope he starts feeling better. Luckily, our family got flu shots a couple of months ago.

  4. Hope ya’ll are well soon!! I’ve been getting flu shots since I was born, and I’ve only had the flu once, 2 years ago. and it’s AWFUL. My fever got to 106 WITH medication. Needless to say, the doc almost sent me to the hospital! Flu shots for all!

  5. I always get a flu shot, and make sure my kids do as well. Thus far, we’ve never had an adverse affect to the shot not gotten the flu. Flu shots are not perfect, but, then again, nothing is. Therefore, I’ll keep doing what I can to protect my family, and that includes getting flu shots.

    Hope y’all are feeling better!

  6. I never get a flu shot because I always get the flu with the shot. My kids got the shot last year and came down with it. It was the worse sickness my oldest has ever had. I trust my essential oils.

  7. I haven’t gotten one this year and I have been meaning to. My kids always get the mist and we haven’t had an issue. I always put myself last and after being so sick last year for 2 weeks that I couldn’t do anything I think I might need to make it a priority to get it done. Hope y’all are feeling better.

  8. Don’t feel guilty. I’ve only had the flu shot once in my life when I was pregnant and felt pressured into it. My mom never got it for any of us well except my brother once because he’s asthmatic and he ended up being hospitalized anyway. So, yea it’s not a 100% guarantee. I haven’t gotten my little guy the flu shot so far, but I may reconsider once he’s in school full time.

  9. I’ve gotten all my children covered, but you know that moms tend to be the last ones to take care of themselves! Hoping that everyone is on the mend and feeling much better!

  10. I’ve gotten my children covered with flu shots but you know that moms often leave themselves last to be taken care of! Hope everyone is on the mend and feeling much better!

  11. I’m. On. It. I was planning on waiting until after the holidays because…well…excuses…but I’m committed to getting it done sooner now. Thanks!