8 Ways to Support the Blogs You Love to Read

First of all, thanks for tuning in to reach/watch Mommy Talk Show! There are so many distractions and places online where you can spend your time. That’s what inspired this topic because it’s quite competitive in the blogosphere. Consider the blogs you love to read and use some of these recommendations to help them reach a bigger audience, have better relationships with brands and make more money through sponsorships.

8 Ways to Support the Blogs You Love to Read

Become a Facebook Fan

Every blogger I know has a Facebook page they use to update fans on their new posts, interact and chat with their fans. The number of Facebook fans/likes a blogger has is influential on how they’re viewed by public relations representatives and marketers. You may have noticed that your favorite fan pages don’t always appear in your news feed. I shared with the Mommy Talk Show Facebook fans a video that explains how you can make sure you get an alert any time I share a new talk show topic, product review or giveaway.



Sadly, it’s not just enough to LIKE a page. Take the extra step to hover over the LIKED button and click the option to “See First” so this content will appear at the top of you feed. Otherwise, bloggers and influencers like me will have to PAY Facebook so you see our posts. For something that’s a free tool, can you blame us for not wanting to pay?
2016 MTS Facebook Header


Share their blog posts.

Nothing helps an interesting or informative blog post go viral like a share on social media. Most blogs have buttons you’ll see on the bottom of a post that gives you a way to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We can even track how many people share our content and man does it feel good to see you work spread to a wider audience.

In fact, you can easily share this post on Twitter:

[Tweet “8 Ways To Support the Blogs You Love”]

I created a family goals planner you can download for free. Set goals for your family's travel and education plans.


Did you know that you can sign up to get your favorite blog’s updates sent to you via e-mail?  There’s usually a button on the right side that yells SUBSCRIBE or get DAILY UPDATES. I send out a daily feed via e-mail, along with a bi-monthly e-newsletter. You’d be amazed at how much this type of influence means to brands and PR representatives. Quite often, then ask how many subscribers a blog has!

As a thank you for subscribing to my newsletter, I offer a free printable,  Family Goals Planning Guide for people to get my newsletter.

Use What You Know: A Business Idea Guide for Moms

Buy their products.

Almost all of the bloggers I support have a product, service or e-book to sell. My e-book, Use What You Know: A Business Idea Guide for Moms, (value: $12) features interviews with successful mompreneurs.

Danyelle Little of TheCubicleChick.com wrote several e-books including her latest free download, Shine: 10 Tips for Effective Work-Life Balance.

Herchel Scruggs of GymCraftLaundry created fitness-focused inserts for your classic happy planner.

Busy mom of three, Amiyrah Martin of 4Hatsand Frugal.com, wrote a fun book for families – How to Play Your Year in a Day.

[Tweet “Support bloggers by buying their products: @AmiyrahMartin @GymCraftLaundry @TheCubicleChick have helpful products for moms & families! “]

Tell a brand you heard about them on a blog.

We are considered influencers because people learn from us and often take an action based on what we share. I know moms who’ve rented the Bisell Deep Green Machine after they read about my review or even  bought the 2014 Kia Sportage after they watched my video reviews on the vehicle’s safety features. It’s wonderful to hear from your friends, but it goes even further if you mention to a sales rep or on a brand’s Facebook page that you heard about them on a blog and it influenced you to buy!

[Tweet “Tell a brand you heard about them on a blog & name the blogger!”]

Attend their events.

Bloggers have a life outside of sitting behind our computer screens. We create events and are hired to co-host. For instance, I’m hired by local businesses to bring the Mommy Talk Show audience to their store, play space or class. Having your support in person goes a long way.

I’ve also hosted a vision board party for moms and would love to do it again.

Atlanta Vision Board Event

One of the online events I’ve been hosting more frequently this year are Twitter parties, so I’d love for you to take part and tweet with me. I’ve even established a Twitter Party Calendar for my events and ones for my blogging colleagues.

Sponsor them!

Buy a banner ad, hire a blogger as a consultant or social media manager, book a blogger to speak to your group or organization, take their class/webinar. I love to hear it when people recommend me for video work, including videos for Atlanta-area schools:


Leave a Comment.

Whether you agree or disagree with a blogger’s view, it only take a few minutes to leave a comment. Our egos need to know you’re here 😉 If I missed anything in my list, comment below! Have you supported a blog you love in another way?


8 Ways to Support the Blogs You Love to Read

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Creator & Host of Mommy Talk Show. Emmy award-winning TV journalist.Wife & Mommy; Mom Blogger; Social Media Coach; Long Island, New York transplant living in Atlanta, GA. Follow Joyce on Twitter @MommyTalkShow Author of Use What You Know: A Business Idea Guide for Moms featuring interviews with mompreneurs who created businesses using their skills & backgrounds.

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for including me in this great piece! The blogging community is one that is very competitive, but it also one that assists and helps one another. I think it is most important to pay it forward with support. I will be sharing this post, as you gave some excellent tips on how to support. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for sharing this, I love supporting other bloggers, but just by a random comment but a honest, sincere comment and then I always follow as well

  3. Great tips, i love Twitter parties – you get to know other bloggers and nice changes to win great prizes!

  4. Great tips Joyce and as a subscriber to my Facebook page I greatly appreciate the likes and comments you leave me.

  5. Thanks for posting this. #8 is my favorite, by the way. Seems like the more I write, the less interaction there is with my readers this past year. People are still reading my blog (I see the pageviews are growing) but it is nice to remind folks that unlike magazines or the TV, bloggers thrive on community and feedback. Thank you!

  6. AMEN! This is such a great article, I wish all of our readers would do these things. It can be so disheartening when it feels like no one cares!

  7. Great info! I totally agree with you esp. Telling the brand you read info on someone’s blog.

  8. I support blogs by being a facebook fan. Also sharing the articles via pinetrest and Facebook.

  9. I follow many bloggers and love reading the emails I receive. I have gotten such great recipes, coupons, been aware of sales I didn’t know was happening, seen some of the greatest pictures and just love you bloggers

  10. These are great tips. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Thanks for the tips, There are so many blogs I love and appreciate! I do follow my favorites on social networks, I do subscribe to their email newsletters and open to at least skim each one daily (and that is a LOT of them!) I follow the sponsors of giveaways on their blogs too. I leave comments, I enter every giveaway that is a prize I really care about for myself or one of my loved ones. I often share and post links to the giveaways on my social networks, like fb and twitter and pinterest and google +. I follow the blogs in a variety of ways.
    And if I win a prize I always make sure to send an extra nice thank you note to the blogger after I’m sent my congratulations email and let them know that I will also publicly thank both the blogger and the sponsor of the prize on FB and on Twitter, tagging each of them on both as well as linking my followers to the blog giveaway that I won to get extra attention and perhaps new blog followers in the process to help show my appreciation.
    : D
    I figure that is the least I can do. : )

  12. Thank you for posting this, love all the information! I support Fb pages and comment on blogs as well, I love reading fresh and useful content such as yours!

  13. This is a great post!! I am always looking for ways to help my fellow bloggers and find ways to get my readers to help me.

  14. I love supporting bloggers, especially ones that I can relate to so much. I love interacting with the bloggers, most people don’t realize how much time people put into their work (blogs) and I love to let them know how appreciative I am. I’ve gotten so much out of reading blogs, I love to let them know they’re loved 🙂

  15. I really enjoy reading blogs, the reviews are so helpful and influence me to buy or not buy a certain product. I always subscribe via email, follow on facebook and try to comment as much as possible to help support blogs I love to read! Thanks for sharing!

  16. I always try to interact in one way or another with my favorite blogs. I like or comment on facebook, tweet, retweet, repin on Pinterest, enter their giveaways, follow in more than one way, such as email or G+. It’s so important to have that interaction!

  17. My favorite way to support blogs I enjoy is email subscribing so I don’t miss stuff. I always FB like but I don’t really use FB at all so email works best for me! I also like randomly commenting when something interests me….

  18. Robin Masshole mommy

    These are all great ways to support bloggers we love. I try to do this for as many as I can.

  19. Really really great times. Thank you for sharing. I try to leave comments on all blogs that I love to read so that they know I love reading them.

  20. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    This is a great post. I always try to support my fellow bloggers. I’ll read their blogs and comment. I even use their affiliate links if I need something.

  21. yes! yes! yes! This space truly is all about community. Love your tips on encouragement and tangible support.

  22. Supporting each other as bloggers is so important. I always try to share posts I enjoy from other bloggers!

  23. What a great read! I wish my family understood that sharing my posts really help me!

  24. What a great read! I wish my family understood that sharing my posts really help me out.

  25. Love this post!! So nice to see bloggers supporting each other.

  26. What wonderful suggestions for supporting other bloggers and getting the most out of the blogs we love. I nearly always leave a comment when I visit a blog. Sometimes I’m motivated to visit and like the FB page. Upbeat tips are always good to share.

  27. It is really important to support fellow bloggers and these are all fairly simple ways to do so. I try and make sure I follow their social media channels and subscribe to their emails.

  28. All great ways to support bloggers! A share is like a virtual hug.

  29. I have a few favorite blogs i subscribe to. Liking them on Facebook is a great way to show support.

  30. These are all great ways to support blogs that you love. There are wonderful ways to support your blogs you love by just commenting and reading and sharing! Blogs are about community!

  31. Chrystal | Nevermore Lane

    These are all great tips! Many times fans really don’t realize what it takes to create the perfect blog post or run their own website.

  32. It means the world when I get fans that genuinely interact with the blog. I love to read the comments

  33. Those are all great ways to support your favorite blogs. I try to share all the great content I find online, but there’s more I could do.

  34. Love this! I think people forget there are multiple ways to support your favorites. Great tips!

  35. Yes! I love that you shared this. We Bloggers always love to connect!

  36. These are great tips! I always try to tweet out blog posts that I enjoy reading to show my support.

  37. These are definitely some great ways to support the blogs you love! I love it when my readers leave comments on my posts and share on social media.

  38. Awesome post! Thanks so much for creating this, it truly states all the ways a person can be supportive to bloggers. I’ve already tweeted this post to get the word out to others. Thanks for sharing!

  39. Support is so important when it comes to blogging. Sometimes blogger support gets new bloggers off on the right foot and gives them that push to keep going. Great suggestions!

  40. Support is so vital to the sustainability of businesses. As a blogger and freelance writer, the support of my follower, fans, friends and family is so important to me! Thanks for supporting with this great how-to guide!

  41. These are great tips for even me, an aspiring newbie blogger! I will definitely be sharing this article to raise awareness. There are so many people who want to support their favorite bloggers and are not sure what the best way is…

  42. I wish everyone knew the importance of supporting your favorite bloggers the right way! Its so important to what we do! But I am grateful for the support I get!

  43. Yes, to all of this. With the algorithms constantly changing on social media you have to subscribe directly to the website for updates.

  44. These are great ideas! Especially telling a brand you learned about them on a blog. I’ll be spreading this far and wide.

  45. I keep up with the blogs I love by adding them to my feedly. I take time each day to scroll through to support.

  46. Its so simple, but when you support others, they will support you! These are great tips and Iam working to make sure I support my fellow bloggers! Its hard out here and we must help each other!

  47. Great post! People dont understand how something small goes a long way! I wish more people understand the importance of support! We all need support, so why not support by sharing, subscribing etc.

  48. These are some interesting ways to support bloggers. I have always thought about selling ad space. I just haven’t gotten to it as yet.