Before and After Photos: Bissell Big Green Deep Clean Machine

Even though I try to remind my husband and A.J. to remove their shoes when they come inside our home, our carpets still need some attention. Several times a year I get our carpets professionally shampooed. Before I hosted a few friends over for a Nick Mom show gathering, I knew I needed to freshen our carpets. I’d called a few local carpet cleaning companies for estimates, then I got the opportunity to review the Bissell Big Green Deep Clean Machine. I’ll let you see the before and after photos and explain how you can get the same results.

Before and After Photos: Bissell Big Green Deep Clean Machine

Our living room carpet looks the most “lived in” because A.J. and my husband spill things there. They track dirt in from the back patio too. That’s where I started the big job.  I read the instructions for the Bissell Big Green Deep Clean Machine, filled the water tank with hot water from our bathroom and filled the cap with cleaning solution as instructed.

Before and After Photos: Big Green Deep Clean Machine

I’ve got to be honest. Now that I’m 40, my back and neck have been bothering me more than usual (note to self: get a massage), so I took two Tylenol before I started this job. I had to empty the clean water tank several times to finish all of the bedroom, living room and hallway carpet. In the end, I was happy with the results. What’s gross is dumping out the dirty water and seeing how much “yuck” your family has around the house. Dry time was about two hours, so plan accordingly before you have people over.

You can rent a Bissell Big Green Deep Clean Machine at Lowe’s locations across the country. A 24 hour rental is $24.99. You can also rent it for longer periods if you need it. There are money-saving coupons at Considering how a professional carpet cleaning would have cost me about $85-$100, with an area rug included your family can save quite a bit. See the selection of Bissell products on

Comment below: What do you think of my Bissell Big Green Deep Clean Machine results? Do you get your carpets professionally cleaning or do it yourself?

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Bissell Big Green Deep Clean Machine rental to facilitate a review of my honest opinions and experiences.

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  1. I **loved** using the Big Green Machine. Rather, my HUSBAND did, as he wouldn’t even let me touch it! 🙂

  2. We have a carpet cleaner that we use to use a lot and I think it’s a Bissell but the hubs finally got someone in here to truly clean and omg I won’t talk about the dirt that lives in these rugs so disgusting.

  3. I was also given a chance to review the Bissell sometime in July ( I wrote about it). It did fab on our carpets too!! I clearly saw a difference and it was right on time because we had just moved into the house and we knew the baby would be crawling soon! #Bissellgetsthejobdone

  4. I so want to try this machine. You got great results. I know a few places in my home that needs cleaning.

  5. Thanks for this review Joyce! I didn’t know you could rent a Bissel carpet cleaner from Loews. I was having a gathering at my house but there was NO WAY I was having it without cleaning my carpets. I own a Bissel but unfortunately it broke. So I had planned on renting a Rug Doctor from the grocery store until I read your article. To say I was impressed with the results is an understatement. When I changed the water is was disgusting but a great feeling to know we weren’t living in filth anymore lol. But I will admit I am still in a bit of pain from using the cleaner. My back hurts so bad. Being 30 something is REAL!!

  6. Oh, I so need to borrow my Mom’s Bissell!

  7. WOW that did a really nice job on your carpet — looks like new. Can’t believe what a difference it made.

  8. I would really like to try a Big Green Deep Clean machine! They sound wonderful!

  9. I think you got great results!

  10. Oh I love the difference that made for you! We really need to have ours done with 3 dogs and a young one! I will have to check our Lowes!

  11. I love that you got great results!

  12. Stephanie Phelps

    Wow what a huge difference in that carpet. I love how clean it came and how dirty it was before!

  13. You can tell the difference and we clean our own carpet.

  14. Wow! Big difference!

  15. Wow! What a difference from a non professional cleaning. I have six grandkids 6 and under so my carpet looks pretty nasty and a lot of spill stains but I think theBiselle could handle it.

  16. wow – the results are clear. those carpets really show how well it can work..

  17. I love the deep cleaning power of this steam cleaner. I’ve been looking to rent something soon to clean my area rugs.