5 Must-Do Steps After You Buy a Car

I just endured the pain of car shopping. After weeks of visiting used car lots, looking at online listings and Google searching vehicle reviews, I finally found a reliable car. The only problem is I now have a car payment and higher repair costs for a luxury car. UGHHH! Overall it was overwhelming, daunting and frustrating. I shared how used car shopping was as enjoyable as root canal. The amount of paperwork needed after you buy a car is similar to getting a mortgage. I created this helpful list of all the companies and agencies you need to contact below. If you know someone who’s car shopping, use the social tools to share it with them on Facebook and Twitter.


After You Buy A Car

After You Buy a Car

1. Get a vehicle inspection.

This is a requirement in every state to make sure vehicles on the road pass inspection. Here in Georgia, vehicles are tested for emissions to make sure they’re not contributing to pollution. If you’re buying from an independent seller, ask for the latest inspection information. Since I purchased my car from a car dealership, it had already passed inspection and I was provided proof from the state.

2. Contact your car insurance company.

While I sat in the car salesman cubicle after I’d selected the car, I called my car insurance company. I wanted to know what the premiums would be for a newer car that’s considered a luxury car. Before I could drive the car off the lot, the dealership also needed proof of insurance since I’d also secured financing.

3. Register/transfer the title.

Dealerships in Georgia handle all the paperwork for transferring the vehicle’s title from them to you.

Otherwise, for private sales, you’ll need to visit your county’s vehicle registration office. Bring your paperwork to the office including the title, bill of sales, proof of insurance, license plates (so you can transfer them to the newer vehicle) and the latest proof of inspection.

4. Call your attorney.

Call your attorney and let them know about your new vehicle purchase if it’s outlined in your will as property.

When you pass away, make sure it’s in writing who gets your car.  Let your attorney know that you need to make that update to your will or any other changes.

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5. Update Homeowners Association/Apartment Community

Your homeowner’s association or your apartment community may ask you to submit your vehicle registration information, including the make, model, and license plate number.  Many communities want to keep track of cars that should be parked in your neighborhood.

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  2. Hi Joyce,
    Nice tips there, although I would be keen on most of these even before I buy the car itself. I once bought a car that I considered a luxury car only to be hit by so many maintenance costs and repair costs that I couldn’t take no more within a few months. I also agree with you on the part of premiums, its very important to know fist hand before you hit the road.
    Thanks for sharing.

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