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  1. I am right there with you! I have found that my Fitbit motivates me to get moving, but I think past 40, walking just sent going to cut it.

  2. aaronica @ the crunchy mommy

    I’m right there with you regarding the weight that needs to be lost but I enjoy working out. Theres nothing like the feeling of a great workout!!! And I tend to binge watch whatever guilty pleasures I have whilst on the treadmill/bike/elliptical as my treat.

  3. I feel you on the double chin selfie! That’s why I took the opportunity to change my profile picture when I was wearing my lovely cowl neck sweater. It covered my double chin while looking chic…haha!

  4. I’m with you, Joyce. I do love to work out but when life happens and I don’t go, the fat (not weight bc I lose inches but always weigh the same) that took me a year to lose comes back full force in a month.

    I can’t sleep when I’m like this. I’m averaging 3-4 hours of sleep a night.I get more rest when I work out. (Haven’t gone to the gym more than twice on last two months.)

    Ps. You looked great when I saw you at Sofab.

  5. The Future Mrs. Vines

    Um hello? Can we get together for Saturday or Sunday morning walks in the parks all around ATL? Puhlease? My BMI says I’m overweight (I’ve gained weight since you last saw me). Regardless, I just feel overweight. I weigh 15 lbs. more than I did when I gave birth to my son. That’s a 57 lb. increase over what I’m (kinda) used to. I realize some of that is age, but I feel all of the ways you expressed above. I’d be happy to lose 33 lbs-ish.

    I actually did it less than 2 years ago with an MLM product, but due to the cost it was not sustainable. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing product, but it seems like it’s tailored to Mercedes Benz, 4-side brick house, designer handbag women who have a housekeeper, landscaper and pay exorbitant amounts of money to get their hair and nails done. That is NOT me.

    I’m ready to get back to the basics. Eating better and moving more! It really does help to have a buddy. Maybe we can create a group?

  6. Thank you for sharing, I am right there with you. Just before I got pregnant with my first (same age as AJ), I lost about 100 pounds! It was the thinnest I had ever been in my adult life. I am proud to say that I am only 15 pounds up from those pre children days – and I still have a lot of weight to lose!

    “When you’re 40 pounds overweight you look in the mirror and see yourself – along with an encasing of extra fat around your face, your fingers, your arms and your waist line.”

    When you lose weight no matter how many time people tell you how skinny you look, you still look in the mirror and see the fat girl! I’ve learned that it’s all about perception!

  7. Wow, Joyce… you don’t look 40 pounds overweight to me, not at all. But I understand your struggle. It’s hard to make a change. Wishing you the best on your health journey!!

  8. Oh, friend, I know this struggle and then some. I’m slowly making my way down, but there have definitely been things tripping me up along the way.

    So I hear you. I support you. And I’m here beside you on this journey.

  9. Julie @RunWalkRepeat.com

    Why YES I am right there with you. Last year, I just let myself eat and not exercise and well the end of the year I was like what happened. This year, I am taking it slow….month one, healthy eating to drop the bad cravings. So far so good….down 7.5lbs in just under 4 weeks. Next month exercise. I need to find a class, gym…something to supplement my cardio. This was a GREAt post…I am right there with you, yet, you know what I see you and think Joyce always looks fab. WE got this….. ok you got this, but hey I am in the same journey this year.

  10. Thank you for being open. I can relate to so much of this.

  11. Yeeessss! I feel you, Joyce. Sadly my Zumba class was one of your fitness Friday visits. Unfortunately I haven’t taught in a few years. Not only do I miss teaching. I miss the skinny girl that I became teaching. In honor of your realization…for now it is what it is. Thanks for the reality check.

  12. Thanks @Desiree.
    Yeah I’m way over 200 pounds SADLY. I weigh as much now as I did when I was pregnant with A.J.