My Bra Doesn’t Fit

I decided to get fitted for a new bra today. After the feeling of underwired bras poking me and straps slipping daily. That’s it.  I’m taking part in National Blog Post Month by sharing my thoughts and experiences every day in November. I’m striving to journal daily, while doing a squat and pushup challenge.

But back to my bra situation. I posted this on my personal Facebook page:

I’ve had enough. 

The struggle has been real REAL. 

I refuse to suffer anymore with the unsatisfactory service & care I’ve had. 

The uncomfortable wires. 

Straps that don’t do what they’re supposed to do. 
Today is THE day. 

I expect everyday after this will be different BECAUSE……
I’m getting fitted for a bra.

bras don't fit


My back fat from this year’s weight gain isn’t helping my current stash of bras fit any easier either.

Talk back to me in the comments: Have you had a professional bra fitting? How’d it go? I’ve heard mixed reviews about Macy’s, Nordstrom and Victoria’s Secret.

You may recall last year, I modeled in a plus sized fashion show at Macy’s with the world’s first plus sized supermodel, Emme.


Plus Sized Fall Fashion with Supermodel Emme ~

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  1. Hi, Joyce! I learned about your website from my friend, Teresa Ebbs. Any friend of Teresa’s is a friend of mine!!! I was so interested to see your blog post, “My Bra Doesn’t Fit”, as you clearly recognize something that is a problem and headache for so many women!!! As a professional bra-fitter, I’d love to offer you a fitting from Peach, who is revolutionizing the way women shop for bras and intimates. We have a patented 10-point measuring system for ensuring your best bra fit….a service I can provide in the privacy of your home or my studio in central Buckhead. For more info, you can email me or visit my website at