Plus Size Fall Fashion Featured in Macy’s Show with Supermodel Emme #MacysEvents

SheSpeaks Disclosure
As someone who struggles with her post-mommy fashion, I leaped at the opportunity to cover a recent Macy’s Event featuring Plus Size Fall Fashion. Emme, the world’s first plus-sized supermodel was the host…then the poop hit the fan when I was asked to model in the show.

Keep in mind, I’ve been really rocking the t-shirt and yoga pants look. Or the track suit look. Or the grab anything that’s clean and doesn’t need to be ironed look. Ask anyone who works from home and doesn’t have to see people everyday. It’s really easy to slip into the comfy wear vs. dressing professionally like I used to when I went to work every day.

Pre-Fashion Show
The day before the show I went in for a fitting with the Macy’s stylist, Michelle Lynch, and her team. I had to dig out my shape wear (which I hadn’t worn since my wedding reception) and try on clothes. Michelle and her team were a lot of fun. I felt like a doll with all the different looks we tried. I learned terms like “arms” which means I needed bracelets to accessorize my look. I definitely had an opinion about what I wanted to wear, yet I was open to wearing things that don’t “fit” my look.

Like most women, I wear the same 10-12 looks in my closet without a ton of rotation. So I sat back and learned, especially since I was the only non-professional model in the show.

Each model wore three looks featuring
– a soft pant (think pajamas, but stylish)
– a layered look with a cardigan or sweater (perfect for fall)
– a dress (show those legs, girl! I did!!)

The day of the show I was a bit nervous, but excited. I even started tweeting with Emme (@EmmeNation) and another SheSpeaks Influencer @YouLifeAfter25 about the looks the Macy’s team pulled for me.

Behind the Scenes Fashion Show

Fashion Show
Just like my days covering local news, being a model in a fashion show means you “hurry up and wait.” We got there early, found out about last minute changes to our looks, then waited for hair and makeup.

Look 1: Black mesh knit winged blouse and loose pants

Plus Sized Fall Fashion with Supermodel Emme ~
Look 2: white silk sleeveless blouse by Calvin Klein with Black perforated peep-toe bootie

Emme Cardigan Look
Look 3: Knit, fit and flair Hounds Tooth Dress w/ cobalt blue leather & suede pumps w/ zippers

I was beyond nervous about wearing new clothes and shoes that didn’t really feel like mine. Would I do a good job showcasing the style?
Would I end up fashion road kill like Carrie on Sex and the City?

Those fears subsided quickly when I walked out with my first look and saw my blogging buddies there to cheer me on. Then I looked all the way down to the end of the runway to see my husband and son standing there cheering me on.

The show went by so quickly. I could tell A.J. wasn’t understanding why I would come out on the runway, wave to him and then go back. By the end of the third look, he couldn’t take it anymore. He was on the verge of a full-fledged meltdown. So I followed Emme’s suggestion, picked him up and brought him on stage with me as I balanced his 35 lb. frame on my three inch heels.

The crowd…mainly moms…went wild.

Emme Macy's Panel

Post-Fashion Show
Emme hosted a panel discussion where the stylist and I chatted about Fall trends, whether plus-size is a “bad word” and the ever-controversial “Can we wear white after Labor Day?”

What surprised me the most? Designers like Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and INC. have plenty to choose from for those of us who are size 12+. It’s a great reminder that I need to invest in my wardrobe, especially since I want to host more events and look picture-perfect.

Emme & Joyce

Special thanks to my blogging buddies who shared their photos and images with me like my friend Ashley from

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  1. You did wonderful girl! I’m so proud of you! You were walking that catwalk like you’ve been doing it for years!

  2. You looked fabulous out there! Love the fall looks and am SOOO impressed you had the confidence to hit the runway!

  3. Great opportunity to represent, love the tree top.

  4. Love the tree blouse. They have such a nice collection of clothes!

  5. What a great opportunity, I love that designers are finally realizing that they need to make clothes for the average person.

  6. I love Emme! She has done so much for the plus sized woman. You look amazing in the black and white dress!

  7. You look amazing. I, too, like Emme.

  8. Joyce you looked Amazing. My favorite look was look#1. Def my kind of style plus the color looked awesome on ya.

  9. I haven’t shopped in department stores for clothes in ages because I can never find my size … Even some of my favorite retail stores stopped carrying my size….While I love some of the companies that cater to plus sizes, size 12 is usually overlooked; I have found that many start at size 16 and some at size 14. I actually shop in just one store now … BUT knowing that Macy’s is now carrying designers who ARE catering to plus sizes I have another place to pick from. Thanks to you and Macys for bringing awareness and availability of fashion to plus size women 🙂

  10. This is so awesome, Joyce! Like a dream come true, really! You WALKED the runway at a MACY’S fashion show!!!!!!! And you looked amazing!