6 Life-Changing Reasons to Rock Short Hair

You may have noticed from the photos I shared on the Mommy Talk Show Facebook page that I CUT MY HAIR.

6 Life-Changing Reasons to Rock Short Hair ~ MommyTalkShow.com


What’s easier in your book –  long hair or a shorter style? I debated for awhile to cut it. I even got a trim before I got the cut. Then, on the “20th anniversary of my 22nd birthday” I sat in a hairdresser’s chair and watched inches of my hair hit the ground. There’s also a $25 Family Dollar Gift Card Giveaway below to help you stock up on beauty products. It ends August 29, 2015. Good luck!

6 Life-Changing Reasons to Rock Short Hair ~ MommyTalkShow.com

6 Life-Changing Reasons to Rock Short Hair

You’ll look younger.

Strangers never believe that I’m in my 40’s so the fact that shorter hair makes me look younger is a BONUS!

Makeup and earrings are required.

Maybe because I don’t have as much hair as an accessory, I’m more likely to add earrings and makeup. I’ve been at least rocking a BB cream and tinted moisturizer before kindergarten pickup. I feel a lot better about putting my best face forward vs. the way I used to leave the house.

Shampooing, conditioning and drying are a breeze.

It takes me one quarter of the time to shampoo, condition and dry my hair than when I had longer hair. Why the French Toast didn’t I cut it sooner? I could have used those hours to take a nap!

Daily moisture is required.

I had terribly dry and damaged hair that I tried to hang on to for way too long.

When I previously blow dried and flat ironed my natural hair with Aveda Naturally Straight, I tended to go a week or more before I shampooed it again because I wanted it to stay straighter longer.

Naturally Straight After

Before and After Aveda

Aveda Polished

I could wear a bonnet at night, get up and go without moisturizing it too.

With shorter hair I’m forced to manipulate it every day. My hair requires water, conditioner and styling gel almost every day to rock my new shorter look.

Get to know your real hair texture.

I found out that my kinky 4c type hair CAN CURL.

They’re super tight ringlet-type curls that will pop like crazy with the proper products. I’m pleased that my husband thinks my hair is sexier and more fun. But A.J. hasn’t been as easy to convince. he says I’m pretty now, but it was “prettier” when it was longer.

Your scalp will thank you.

And as a bonus, I’m expecting the eczema I’ve been coping with on my dry scalp to be alleviated much easier. First, because I’m shampooing and conditioning my hair more frequently. Second, because it’s easier to apply the eczema medication my dermatologist applied directly to my scalp since my hair is much shorter.

Comment below: Are you thinking about cutting your hair?  I know a lot of moms think a ponytail is easier because I you can pull up your and go.

But I’ve found that with longer hair it made me much lazier and less likely to do my hair  – which led to dryness and breakage.

Check out some of the DIY a beauty tips I’ve shared including how to make your own manicure kit to take to the nail salon or  how to style bantu knots.

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  1. You’re doing a great job with this blog!

  2. I love rocking short hair! I usually end up chopping it once it hit my shoulder stretched but this last cut made me mad because some dumb barber butchered it and I had to end up cutting off 6 months of growth. Still salty about that because I loved having the length on top with my tapered TWA! But it’s all good and will grow back. Enjoy your new cut!

  3. Right there with you, Joyce! All your reasons are spot on. In addition, for me, I have two girls who have natural hair down their backs. I spend time taking care of theirs, and so mine needs to be easy and sassy. Short and sassy naturals all the way!

  4. Right there with you, Joyce! All your reasons are spot on. In addition, for me, I have two girls who have natural hair down their backs. I spend time taking care of theirs, and so mine needs to be easy and sassy. Short and sassy naturals all the way!

    I am not sure what products are at Family Dollar, but I am looking forward to going there to find out 🙂

  5. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly.com

    I’m an ‘in the middle’ gal now. I have had pretty much all lengths from super LONG to super short. Last year I cut off 13 inches and donated it to Beautiful Lengths for women with Cancer and I am now maintaining it at shoulder length, it requires some effort, but not too much so for now it is ‘just right’. Next I am going to play with color! I just want some change and since I’m keeping this length the only way to get a real change now is with color.

  6. I would have to say a moisturizing daily hair spray

  7. I used to rock short hair and loved how easy it was to maintain! I loved using all sorts of hair puttys, gels, etc. My hair is now a bit longer, a few inches past my shoulders. I just chopped off over 8 inches! (I had to b/c it was getting caught on everything and aggravating an old neck injury.)

  8. Stephanie Coldwell

    I need a volumizing spray or shampoo!

  9. I would buy a hair spray

  10. I would get some styling gel and hair spray!

  11. Yes! Yes! And Yes!!! I cut my hair a few years ago and now feel so free. Like you said, shampooing and drying are a breeze. And throughout the day I don’t even think about my hair. I can just get up and go.

    But as mentioned, I MUST wear earrings and a bit of makeup since I have a buzz cut now. I don’t know the last time I’ve been to a salon. I’ve been going to the barber shop regularly for a year now and wouldn’t have it any other way!

    • Now I’m getting my hair lined up when I take my son to the barber shop. One stop for cuts!

  12. I went short on a whim last Thanksgiving and I don’t regret it. I told hubby if I didn’t like it, I could always grow it back. My hair used to grow so fast but surprisingly it has been slow to grow now lol. I still went in for a second cut this June. As I’m approaching 40, I find it so much easier to have short hair. And my hairs been dropping like crazy and is turning gray so the short hair helps with both, and I’m able to color my hair for a cheaper price, lol.

    • Yes, I use less products now that my hair is shorter. I color my own hair. I can take a box color of L’Oreal and make it last through 3 applications!