How to Straighten Natural Type 4C Hair with Aveda Naturally Straight

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Even though I went natural in 2009 and stopped using chemical relaxers to straighten my hair, I was reluctant to straighten my hair using a blow dryer and flat iron. I’d heard horror stories about damage from other naturals who’d gone a little too heavy with the heat.

But in the last year I’ve learned How to Straighten Natural Type 4C Hair. First, I was a hair model at an Aveda concept salon here in Atlanta. Now I’m perfecting my technique at home with Aveda Smooth Infusion products and like Naturally Straight. I’ll show you how my hair looked before, during and after.

In order to rock my “halo” (two twists around each side of my head and either twisted together or pinned up in the back) I like to blow dry and flat-iron my hair first. Even the halo looks a little old after a few days though. See how my shorter layers in the back start to revert and tighter? It doesn’t look as polished as I’d like.

Kinky Hair Before

How to Straighten Natural Type 4C Hair ~

Aveda Smooth Infusion Products

I started by shampooing and conditioning my hair with Aveda Smooth Infusion products. I sectioned my hair in half to apply the Style-Prep Smoother, followed by the Naturally Straight styling creme. Aveda suggestions you measure the diameter of each side of your hair if you grabbed it together for pigtails and use a dime to quarter size circle amount. I should have done this before I wet my hair, because once it’s wet it’s very hard to gather and measure. Keep reading to watch the Aveda video where a professional in New York used the entire Smooth Infusion line on bloggers with varying hair types.

Here’s what my hair looks like wet with conditioner applied and you can truly see why my hair is a Type 4 C. It shrinks tremendously into very tight kinky coils and knots very easily, so I break out my tools.

Wet 4 C Hair

My tools

Among them are a wide tooth detangling comb, a second comb with smaller teeth, clips to create sections and then my blow dryer that comes with two styling picks. I’ve also used a Denman brush but once I’d gotten started I realized it was in the other bathroom, so I kept going without it. After it was blown dry I used my flat iron on very small sections because I find that works best.

Natural Hair Tools

Aveda Naturally Straight

The new styling creme is designed to keep your hair straight – longer. The 5 oz.l bottle retails for $26. You can use it with the entire Smooth Infusion system for the best results or along with your usual shampoo and conditioner. Naturally Straight contains organic cassava root designed to protect your hair from humidity and fight frizz. According to Aveda, “After 5 consecutive applications of naturally straight, hair will stay straight for up to 3 washes.”

Straightened Natural Type 4C Hair

Here are the results showing the straightness and shine of my hair after usually Naturally Straight. You can see a major difference from when it was tight and kinky.  I brushed my hair, added oil because it’s typically very dry, separated each side and twisted it.Naturally Straight After

Before and After Aveda

Aveda Polished

Comment below: How often do you blow dry and straighten your hair? What stands out to you you to the Naturally Straight creme and Smooth Infusion product line by Aveda?

Besides wearing my hair straight, I also like to have a picture perfect manicure. See my Gel Nails Test where I show you day by day how long my gel nails last.

Gel Nails Test

Aveda Smooth Infusion Video

Watch an Aveda professional use the Smooth Infusion system and Naturally Straight on the hair of bloggers with various hair types.

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  1. I love that style on you! Looks really pretty. I need to see what Aveda has for my straight but easily frizzy hair.

  2. I love that hairstyle. It is reminiscent of a 40’s style.

  3. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing what Aveda Naturally Straight Hair Products had done for your 4C type hair… I have 4A type hair. I’ve summed up the courage to go natural this past Dec ’14 and decided to do the BIG CHOP in April this year.. I remember getting my first relaxer, when I was about 4 or 5 years old and I’ve been relaxed since I’ve decided to go natural. I have to say that I’ve been so devastated and hurt that my mother didn’t just put up with my thick, long hair when I was younger instead of taking the easy way out and putting chemicals in my hair.. 🙁 Now, my hair doesn’t grow as fast as it should and my self esteem has gone waaaayy done, since I’ve had my natural hair.. My hair is about 1.5 inches long, and 3 inches long, when stretched.. I tried watching the video, but half way through, I had to stop because it was a joke.. 2 of the women on there didn’t seem to have curl definition in their hair, and the other 2 didn’t have 4 type hair.. I wish there were a video that demonstrated how the products work on 4 type hair only, since we have the hardest time trying to straighten our hair, let alone, keep it straight.. Anyways, I HATE relaxers and I HATE that it has caused my hair to become so damage to where, it doesn’t grow fast like as it should… Thanks again..

    • @TammyB – I understand your frustration with some of the hair types explored in the Aveda Video. That’s why I showed my results. All the best on your natural hair journey!