5 Gift Ideas Dads for Who Love to Go Camping

This school year A.J. signed up for Cub Scouts. We’re in a troop with many of his classmates and buddies from our old neighborhood. I told my husband ahead of time: I’ll handle the weekly pack meetings – if you handle the camping trips and outdoor outings.

I do not like to sleep outdoors, even if it’s in a tent or “glamping” (Glamour Camping) or if there’s a Starbucks within walking distance. It’s just not my thing. They had an amazing weekend with the pack back in September which sparked A.J.’s interest in camping.

Just in time for Father’s Day and summer camping season, check out these 5 Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love to Go Camping, including my affiliate links.

5 Gift Ideas Dads Who Love to Go Camping

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1. Waterproof Tent

My husband said he’d love a tent that easily converts to a backpack or carrying bag

The Topnaca 2-4 Person Backpacking Tent is waterproof with an awning, aluminum rods and two doors for easy exiting. Double layers offer storage options for your wet clothes or a backpack.

Topnaca Tent


2. Portable Multi-burner

My husband would love to cook fresh foods while he’s camping and added a multi-burner to his camping wish list.

The Coleman Classic Propane Stove has two individual adjustable burners with more than 20K BTUs.

“The cooking surface offers plenty of room to fit a 12-in. and 10-in. pan simultaneously.”

Coleman Camping Stove
Photo Credit: The Wirecutter

3. Weather Radio

Although campers should check the forecast before they leave, it’s also important to keep up-to-date with any changes. A weather radio is perfect for that. If there’s no nearby power source nearby, the  Kaito 5-Way Powered Emergency Weather Alert Radio has plenty of options including battery, USB, solar, crank and outlet.

“The radio is designed to charge many small electronic items with its USB jack that can connect to many standard USB enabled gadgets like your iPod or cellphone. It also comes with 6 cellphone tips that can charge many model phones by cranking or solar power.”


4. Cellular Hot Spot

Keep your data usage under control while you’re roughing it thanks to a cellular hot spot, like the AT&T Netgear 4G Hotspot.

Another option: Call your cell phone provider ahead of time to ask about adding additional data.

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5. Medical Emergency Kit

Accidents, falls and bug bites can happen when you’re out camping. With A.J.’s asthma and food allergies we also need to be prepared for flareups. Before you leave for a camping trip, order a no co-pay Auvi-Q epinephrine pen for anaphylactic emergencies.

AUVI-Q Zero Out-of-Pocket

Remember: Bring your prescribed medications and download your favorite pharmacy app in case you need to get a refill.

Create your own emergency kit with bandages, tape, ice packs, scissors and over-the-counter pills.  Or buy a pre-made emergency or first-aid kit with more than 200 pieces.

Comment below: What would you add to the wish list for dads who like to go camping? What’s the most common item your family forgets to bring on camping trips?

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  1. I’m loving the portable burner idea. If you give it with some propane you can have a mini present before the main one. Get the intrigue up. Love it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We are not campers and if we did go we would like to make it as much like home as possible. Having a cell phone that works, the weather radio and a good burner to cook on are great starts for the novices like us.

  3. That multiburner is a great idea! Now when my husband catches our dinner, he can cook it easily. These are all great picks.

  4. Yes to it all. We are also in Cub Scouts and they need all those gifts if for camping.

  5. These are definitely some great Father’s Day gift ideas for the dad who loves to go camping! My husband love to go camping and would definitely enjoy some of these gifts.

  6. These are great options for Dads who love camping. I keep forgetting that Father’s Day is coming up, must pick my Dad up something and soon!

  7. YAS!!! These are just plain camping essentials period. But a definite yes for Dads who love the outdoors! Do you already have a Glamping Essentials list? Because I won’t ‘camp’ but I will ‘GLAMP’ LOL 🙂

  8. We love going camping! Also love all your gifts! So hard to choose a favorite!