Relief for Allergy Families: AUVI-Q Zero Out-of-Pocket Price with Insurance in 2017

With all the 2017 political angst and health care concerns about the Affordable Care Act’s future, it’s a relief to tell you about an affordable option for allergy families. You may recall in 2016, EpiPen maker Mylan Pharmaceutical, was widely criticized for its skyrocketing price. Even with insurance through my husband’s employer, a new set of EpiPens in case our son had an allergic reaction –  would cost more than $600. Thankfully, an Epipen competitor, AUVI-Q is coming back on the market in 2017 and promising a zero out-of-pocket cost even for families with high deductible commercial insurance. Keep reading for information from the prescription drug manufacturer, Kaléo, and be sure to share this on Facebook!

Auvi-Q Out of Pocket Cost

AUVI-Q Zero Co-Pay


AUVI-Q Availability Date: February 14, 2017

“AUVI-Q will also be available via a direct delivery service to a physician’s office or a patient’s home within 48 hours in most cases. The direct delivery service option helps ensure the best expiration dating for AUVI-Q.”

AUVI-Q Affordability:

If you have commercial health insurance through your employer or that you pay for yourself, AUVI-Q, should cost you $0.

“Through this new program, more than 200 million Americans with commercial insurance, including those with high deductible plans, will be able to obtain AUVI-Q for a $0 out-of-pocket cost. For eligible patients who do not have government or commercial insurance, and have a household income of less than $100,000, AUVI-Q will be available free of charge.”

If you pay cash for your medical expenses, with no commercial or government insurance, the cash price for AUVI-Q is $360.

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How to get AUVI-Q prescription filled:

I’ve already printed out enrollment form to take to A.J.’s pediatrician this week. I’m hoping that if I get it submitted on time and request two cartons of auto-injectors and two trainers.

AUVI-Q Zero Out-of-Pocket

Contact AUVI-Q

Website Information:

Call: 1-877-30-AUVIQ for questions regarding eligibility .

Connect with Auvi-Q on Facebook | Tweet @AuviQ with questions about eligibility.

How will the Auvi-Q zero out-of-pocket price affect your family?

In case you’re not familiar with the difference between an EpiPen and an AUVI-Q pen for allergy emergencies, here’s a break down of some of the obvious differences.

EpiPen Vs. Auvi Q

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  1. I’m so glad they came out with this. I was absolutely floored when big pharma upped the price for epi pins to those astronomical prices.

  2. Wow, this is great to hear. My granddaughter has some allergies, and though she doesn’t need an epi-pen now, she might in the future.

  3. Oh thank goodness!!! I had no idea there was another option out there besides the epipen!

  4. The thought of people not being able to afford lifesaving medication makes my heart sad. Thank goodness other companies are stepping in to help!

  5. I’m glad there will be an affordable alternative for people who need EpiPens. The price for such an important medicine is insane!

  6. This is so good to know, i have a friends who’s daughter needs an epipen and its so expensive. She will be so relieved to learn about this.

  7. This is great news! I am happy that families who need epipens will now be able to get their medication. I was furious when I learned about epipens costing $600! Thankfully, there is now an option and a possibility to avail of it for free.

  8. I hope it gets submitted in time. I was floored when I initially heard about the price for these!

  9. This seems like a good avenue to pursue for those suffering from allergies.
    It is good to know that this is available even with the latest health insurance turmoils.

  10. This is really amazing! It would be a great relief for many who needs it! 😀

  11. This is awesome! I know so many people who have to rely on the EpiPen for life threatening allergies. I’m so glad there’s an affordable alternative out there. Even if you’re paying out of pocket, the AUVI-Q still way less.

  12. This is great for people that can’t afford the epi pen. It hasn’t effected me, but that was crazy how the prices were hiked up.

  13. what a wonderful thing for families who need an epi pen and cant afford it- thank you so much for putting this on my radar so that I can share this with friends who need epi pens!

  14. This is so good to know. So wonderful for those who need epi pens and such, things get so pricey and its hard to be able to fork out all the money all the time.

  15. I am so glad that you are discussing this option. I haven’t had to use this but was very concerned for families that do. very informative.

  16. Very good to know. Any break we can get with healthcare goes a long way

  17. I’m glad that there is an alternative to the EpiPen. I can’t imagine how much of a burden it used to be on families.

  18. I’m glad EpiPen now has some competition. I remember that fiasco. But why did Auvi-Q leave the market?

  19. Oh wow this is amazing. I’ve got to look into this for my husband!

  20. That’s really awesome. People are very concerned with their health insurance and more because of the new administration and it’s nice to know that there’s an option like this.

  21. This is awesome. My blood starts to boil every time I think of the CEO of Mylan. Parents with allergy suffering kids finally get a choice!

  22. Wow I had no idea about this! Thanks for sharing!