[VIDEO] New Year, New Natural Hair Regimen with You Be-Natural

The New Year is the perfect time to look at your hair care regimen and make changes if needed. We’re just coming out of a cold snap here in Atlanta, so my hair is adjusting to the windy, dry conditions. Thanks to this sponsored post by You Be-Natural I’ll share how I’m adding moisture to my natural hair. All thoughts and opinions are my own. In the video below, see how the You Be-Natural shampoo, lotion, spray and conditioner are part of my teeny weeny afro (TWA) natural hair regimen.

Change Your Hair Regimen in the New Year

Winter Weather

I live in Atlanta where the weather changes every five minutes in January. Just this week, it’s gone from 60 degrees on Monday to expecting freezing rain by Friday morning. No matter your hair texture (natural, straight, wavy, curly or coily) it needs more moisture and attention in the winter months.

This year, I’m committing to deep conditioning my hair at least twice a month. Too often I co-wash (using conditioner as shampoo) so I can rush out of the shower and get my day started. My video tutorial below shows you how I’m deep conditioning with You Be-Natural Deep Moisturizing and Softening Mayonnaise Conditioner. It contains Argon, Olive and Carrot Oils.

TWA Coils

New Cut or Color

Did you get a new haircut or change the color of your hair this year? I just did both.

Moisture and easy styling are more important than ever to me with the new and improved TWA I’m rocking.

After Workout Care

Are you working out more in the New Year? I’m headed to my first aerobics class of 2017 tomorrow morning. (I’m not looking forward to being sore and tired, oh well.)

If you’re swimming more, you’ve got to shampoo the chlorine out of your hair and restore the PH balance.

If you’re doing more cardio or weights, you’ve got to shampoo out all of the sweat and dirt.

I also feel like before I head to the gym, I need to freshen up my hair. I reach for You Be-Natural Coil Moisturizing & Defining Spray before I head to the gym AND the day after I style up my curls/coils (as you’ll see in the video below). Like the rest of the product line it’s “designed to promote incredibly healthy hair using ingredients derived from nature.”

Curl Defining Spray

Video: TWA Hair Care Regimen

with You Be-Natural Products 


Here are even more You Be-Natural Hair Tutorials.

Where to Buy You Be-Natural

Local Sally Beauty Supply stores carry You Be-Natural products. Look for the bright orange lids on the shelves or ask an employee for help.

“You Be-Natural was developed by Luster Products, situated in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 1957, Luster Products is the leading African-American owned manufacturer of premium personal care products.”

Connect with You Be-Natural

Visit the You Be-Natural Blog | You Be-Natural Instagram | You Be-Natural on Facebook

How often do you change your hair care regimen?

Which You Be Natural product could you fit into your regimen?

If rocking a TWA is part of your natural hair regimen, save this image on Pinterest for inspiration.

Natural Hair Regimen

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I have a friend with natural hair, and she’s always complaining about the product she’s using to take care of it. I’ll have to send this to her.

  2. These sound like great products for anyone with natural hair. It can be hard to find products that work!

  3. I love your new look…I just went a little shorter and a bolder blonde and I’m loving it….I do believe in changing up your look every now and then…I will look into that curly and defining spray. Thanks for sharing..

  4. I love the name of your hairstyle, as well as your gorgeous curls. I could definitely benefit from a deep conditioning treatment.

  5. I appreciate people who have natural hair. I understand the struggle it can be sometimes to maintain it.

  6. You are rocking that new style! I need to color my roots every single month, its a drag sometimes, but it’s the only way to keep me blonde! I like to go curly ever now and then.

  7. It’s a really good time to update the regimen for healthy hair. The moisturizing and defining spray is going to be super handy!

  8. Nice! We have used the products and the spray is a hit with all of us – my sons included 🙂

  9. I try to deep condish every week. This week I was a little lazy!

  10. I’ve had the same style for far too long. It’s definitely time for a change. I am really loving your natural curls and new color!

  11. My poor hair gets so dry and staticy in the winter. It feels like I can never quench its thirst for moisture. Sounds like I need to be trying out some new products!

  12. Love the cut and color. It’s really cute on you. I’m normally a protective styler in winter for protection. This winter I probably neglected my strands a bit.

  13. Thanks for the good advice on hair care.
    Being able to treat your hair differently due to seasonal change is important.

  14. This sounds like a great product!! I’m planning to have a hair cut so I’m definitely checking this out.

  15. I just started using You Be-Natural this week and I’m a fan. I’m terrible at deep conditioning my hair but I’m going to make that change. It is freezing cold here in DC and I color my hair. I’ve got to do better.

  16. Love your new haircut! The color is pretty too. I’ve been thinking on cutting my hair short again. We’ll see.

  17. I know You Be-Natural is good stuff! I know a lot of the cosmetology students I attended classes with absolutely swore by it.

  18. The regimen seems to be working for you. Your hair looks wonderful. I love the color. It suits you.


  20. Your hair looks great!! I set a reminder to change my daughter’s hair routine and products up according to the seasons to help keep it protected and healthy. I’ll have to check these products out!

  21. I went on a whim for the new year and colored my natural hair for the first time and cut it too. The humidity has been low in DFW so I’m even wearing it straight. Moisture is definitely key!

  22. Very nice! I’m definitely interested in trying out some of these products!

  23. I’m trying to get back on track with a regular regimen. Since I had a baby, I don’t devote nearly as much time to my hair like I used to. But if nothing else, I try to wash & DC every couple of weeks.

  24. i have been crazy about hair regimen this past few months, i messed up my hair by using hair dye and bleach! i think this is the solution!

    • You may need to go see a professional about your hair damage, then create a healthy regimen for home.

  25. I like the color and the cut. Thanks for the product review as my hair is dry and I need a product to moisturize.

  26. I have been rocking my natural hair for nearly 12 years, now (I have locs). I have never regretted the alteration. These products look fantastic. I will most definitely he searching for them in my area!

  27. Great stuff for maintaining natural hair. Been looking for such products that work well on curly hair!

  28. Rocking the natural hair can be an adventure. Thanks for the tips.

    Thanks for sharing your blog link