[VIDEO] How to Become Twitter Famous and Get More Followers

How to Become Twitter Famous and Get More Followers ~ MommyTalkShow.com


The first time someone called me Twitter Famous I was pretty surprised. Yes, I loved to tweet  about family-friendly brands and I even get paid to tweet when I host Twitter Parties. But I still didn’t consider myself famous with more than 17,000 Twitter followers as of February 2016. So @MsCandaceWoods this post is inspired by you! (Remember that time we walked to The Grove?)

Then earlier this year, my new friend Mandi from @ChewsyLovers, was my “wing woman” on the road trip to #SoFabCon14 in Bentonville, AR. Mandi asked me the same question about mastering Twitter and growing a following. So this post is also for you.

I’m not doing it for an ego trip. This month, Twitter was my number once source of traffic. It also helped one of my posts about reasons you’ll regret not having a home telephone go viral when it was picked up by NBC News and included in a report showing home phone use is down. More than 2,000 people came to my site in one day just to see that one post.

But back to Twitter and growing an audience. To get advice for me and you,  I consulted with ladies who are truly “Twitter Famous”  and have a combined 200,000 followers. Check out my advice and theirs in this video:

Video: Become Twitter Famous

Here’s a recap of the advice the “Twitter Famous” ladies share:

Angela from @AboutAMom suggests when you send tweets

Use hashtags in your niche

Follow other people in your niche

Promote the content of others

Diane from @PhilZENdia recommends you

Set up Twitter lists

Follow new people every week

@StacieInAtlanta uses a Twitter-related site

JustUnfollow.com can help you identity and unfollow inactive users

How to Be Twitter Famous and Get More Followers ~ MommyTalkShow.com


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Oh and if you love Twitter Parties, check out my Twitter Party Calendar to see the next event where you can learn about brands and win prizes!

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  1. This was very helpful. Thank you 🙂

  2. I am not twitter Famous lol probably never will be. I love twitter the most but my traffic comes from Pinterest. I am just now utilizing lists and the twitter parties help my growth tremendously. I also make it a point to follow at least 20 new people a week I normally get about half of them to follow back so it works. Great post

  3. VERY VERY helpful! Do you know of an easy way to set up lists? I follow 13K people or so, so am I starting from scratch to put them in lists?

  4. Hi Kita,

    Do you follow manually or use any kind of app?

  5. I really enjoyed this video. It was so informative.

  6. At the moment, I have 126K followers on Twitter, all hard won and some due to my active involvement with Twitter Party hosting. What has directly impacted my success with this platform is actually quite simple and threefold: 1) I use Twitter like a user that loves Twitter (because I genuinely do,) not like an advertiser. Twitter is social, not a one-way street. 2) I try to be as authentic as possible, when you are tweeting with me, you get the real deal, flaws and all. 3) I pay very close attention to my audience, listen and try to make decisions based on their needs and wants. Lastly, I also suggest participating in Twitter threads, buddying up with fellow bloggers and using Triberr if it’s a good fit for you. Synergizing with others is always great for everyone involved, including the most important tweeps, your audience! 🙂

    • Love all of these.
      I’m sure if I made time for Triberr I’d grow an even larger following.

      • If you can find a group on Triberr with a similar focus, it is totally helpful for growth and excellence in content delivery for readers. Highly recommend!

        Also if we are not connected I’m @ruralmoms and I do follow back 🙂