Why Moms Over 40 Need Vacations to Reconnect with Friends #GAMomEscape

I wish I could say I have time every week to catch up with my girlfriends. It just doesn’t happen. Thanks to social media we mostly keep track of our lives online. Every once in a while we’ll send a text message to my friends, while being mindful of their work hours and family schedules. In fact, I’m one of those people who usually text before I call – just to make sure my friends are able to talk at an agreed upon time. I felt like I needed to take a weekend away for my 43rd birthday and invited my dear friend, Rochelle, to come with me.

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Moms Over 40 Need Vacations


Rochelle and Joyce



My closest friends who I’ve known for more than 10 years don’t live nearby. In my career, I once moved five times in seven years between graduate school and my first few jobs.

I met Rochelle when I had my first TV job in Youngstown, Ohio as a reporter and weekend news anchor. Since then –  I’ve moved multiple times for work and most recently for my husband’s job. I’ve been in Atlanta for seven years and she’s stayed in Ohio. She’s been a wonderful friend by driving here several times and spending time with our son.

But visiting us at home still comes with all the family demands – like child care, spouses and housework. The weekend getaway let us leave all that behind and talk for hours about what’s been going on in our lives.

What I really appreciated about our weekend is that we have the type of friendship where we can be open and honest with each other. When I told Rochelle “don’t feel like we have to be together all weekend” she took it with the spirit of understanding. Although I miss her and wish we could talk more, if there was something she wanted to do like swim – while I wanted to nap – there were no hard feelings!

Sun at jekyll island club hotel

Children & Spouses

Rochelle and I are both in our 40’s, but definitely at different stages of our lives. Her son is college-aged and working. Our son is six-year-old and getting used to his Cub Scout troop and getting ready for Fall Basketball Season.

Jekyll Island was the perfect weekend retreat for us to get away from it all. Although she drove here to Atlanta from Northeast Ohio, it was only a short drive to the Georgia coast from our house. Jekyll Island is an area with no traffic lights. Residents are in a perpetual “chill mode.” It was like being at an adult Disney World on the beach. Everyone. I mean – everyone – was happy. I’ve never met such happy employees at a resort.


Rochelle works very hard and has two jobs. Any time she takes away from work is valuable. If I was her, I’d be napping at every possible second.

Although my schedule as a blogger, writer and video producer is more flexible – I’m always online. I’m either at my laptop or on my iPhone. Thankfully, I remembered to leave my laptop home. I brought along my iPad mini although I didn’t need it. Instead, I read a book, napped and lounged around.

Jekyll Island Club Hotel Van


After we’d spent time at the beach Sunday, we needed lunch and wanted to see more of the island. We used the phone at the private beach to call for shuttle service to the Jekyll Beach Village. We toured the array of shops and store, settled at an “Irish pub” for wings and sandwiches.


Jekyll Island Beach Village


Once we were done, we walked to the Club Hotel’s ice cream shop that’s also inside the village. We let the ladies behind the counter know we were ready to return to the hotel. They called for the shuttle to return and before I could finish my ice cream sundae – the shuttle van arrived.


Life is just generally – hectic. We’re all just juggling multiple demands. You may recall my advice in How to Plan a Guilt-Free Mom Escape.

I feel like any time I spend away from my husband and our son tends to make me feel guilty. I decided to let that go for the weekend and enjoy myself.

Mom Escape

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  1. A girls weekend sounds amazing right now! Jekyll Island looks like such a great place to reconnect with your friends!

  2. All moms need a break to recharge their batteries, regardless of age. We have to be our best so we can give our best!

  3. Vacations are so important to help us get our mom grooves back. We can’t be moms 100% of the time. We have to remember that we’re the people we were before we had kids, as well.

  4. It looks like you had a fabulous weekend. It is so important to make time for yourself.

  5. How great you were able to get away with your friend for a relaxing weekend. I agree, all moms need to have a little away time from every day life just to be able to recharge and find a little inner quiet, away from everyday demands.

  6. I was just saying that we need to take one weekend a month just to ourselves. Every one needs this!

  7. I need a vacation to not only reconnect with myself and recharge my batteries, but with my friends as well. I think these are great tips for all women, moms or not, at any age.

  8. I totally agree! Moms do need to have that “me time”! A vacation for ourselves and to reconnect with friends! That sounds so much fun and relaxation!

  9. You know it’s a vacation if there’s no laptop involved! So happy you were able to get some much need R & R. Looks like such a great trip.

  10. Two years ago, I took a mom trip alone to Hawaii. Your post has reminded me that it’s time for me to do it again soon. Ironically, while in Hawaii, I started researching the Georgia Coast. I said back then that I will my next mom trip there. I want to go with my family next time though because I missed them during my entire vacation.

  11. Two years ago, I took a mom trip alone to Hawaii. Your post has reminded me to do it again soon. Ironically, while in Hawaii, I started researching the Georgia Coast. I said back then that my next mom trip will be on the Georgia Coast. I want to go with my family next time though because I missed them during my entire vacation.

  12. We go through a lot of stress and pressure everyday and there are times wherein we just can’t take it anymore. Moms deserve a break too and it would be nice if it’s in a place that’s relaxing and quiet. These reasons are spot on!

  13. Your trip looks liked so much fun. I haven’t been down there in so long and your post is making me want to plan a trip!

  14. I would love to plan a vacation with some friends I have not seen in a while. We all live spread out so it is hard to connect. This is a fantastic idea.

  15. Oh you are so right. I am in need of one of those vacations right this minute. lol

  16. Girl’s weekend are the best! It’s been a while since I’ve experienced one of those. Everyone’s on a different schedule now a days. It’s important we get that alone time to continue to be the best we can be for everyone involved. Looks like you both enjoyed yourselves. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Friend time is so very important! It looks like you had an amazing time!

  18. I am in desperate need of a girls trip with my besties. Me time is so essential for self-care. It looks like you and your girlfriend had a great vacation.


  19. It’s been a while since I had one of these types of getaways. I’m overdue!

  20. That ice cream looks so freaking yummy. I do girls weekends and so that allows me to recharge and reconnect with my girls without worrying about the mister or the kids.

    It is nice to get all caught up on life and then talk about life. The best friends are the ones you can just pick back up where you left off.

  21. Trips are for any age. But super important as we get older. Enjoy and relax.

  22. Having a vacation with your mom are the best moment ever. I think you had enjoyed your moment, love those pic and the place perfect for families.

  23. I’m not a mom and I’m not over 40, but I am all for this! I recently did a post on how to reconnect with your girlfriends and going on a girls only trip was one of my recommendations. With all the distractions, it’s so nice to have to interrupted time with our BFFs.


  24. It looked like you had a fabulous time!! I need any reason to getaway with my friends. Right now I want to go somewhere tropical.

  25. You’re right. It’s been a long time since I even had a girls night let alone a weekend away. I should get to planning something for my birthday

  26. Glad you guys got a chance to get away together! Looks like an amazing trip, I love the pictures.

  27. A couple of years ago, me and a very good friend enjoyed a weekend getaway to Atlantic City. It was just the two of us and it was great. I firmly believe that no matter how hard you work, you still have to take ‘me-time’ breaks. This resort looks fabulous, I must visit!

  28. I absolutely love that you got to experience this my friend! I think it’s a great idea for women to get away from the hustle and bustle of home life. We need a break too and this looks like a fantastic location to get some R&R!

  29. I’m not a mom or over 40 (yet to both!) but def need a vacay..can only imagine how much you need it. Looks like a fun trip!

  30. This is so important on so many levels. We all need friend time away and even more as we get older! This looks like a great place to spend a few days with a friend…..as I’m pulling them up lol

  31. I actually stayed there last year and had a really good time! I am so happy you had a getaway – moms need a vacay too! Sometimes you just cant bring the kids or hubby. Girl time and glad u enjoy yourselves!

  32. I truly enjoyed your post even women without children need a girl’s trip. Wow it looks like you had an amazing time.

  33. How awesome! Yes–Moms over 40 need to take time for themselves to refresh their minds! I need this in the worst way! Looks like a wonderful time was had and relaxation occurred! 🙂

  34. So important to have time with friends. I completely understand because I have friends that are not close and it is always good to reconnect. Looks like it was an amazing trip.

  35. This was a great trip and a much needed vacation. I don’t get the chance to get away and this was perfect! To top it off I was able to spend this time with my friend catching up and relaxing!

  36. This seemed like the perfect trip. Happy belated birthday, and I’m so glad you shared your trip with us!