[VIDEO] Razor Scooter Safety Tips First-Time Riders

A.J. is borderline obsessed with skateboarding. He sees lots of older boys doing it to get around town or to just hang with their friends. But skateboarding scares me because of the possible injuries. We’ve seen a few bad skateboarding spill videos that scarred me emotionally because the riders were …

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The 2018 EpiPen Shortage: What You Need to Know

The timing couldn’t be worse for the 2018 EpiPen shortage: Allergy families who have summer travel plans need additional epinephrine injectors while they’re on the go AND summer camp staffers need up-to-date injectors in case children they’re watching need medical attention. I’ll walk you through what medical experts recommend, plus …

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10 Breastfeeding Celebrity Moms Who Rock

featured breastfeeding moms

Some of the best advocates for the benefits of breastfeeding have been celebrity moms. For better or worse, what they do in their private lives often becomes public. If a celebrity mom decides to breastfeed, we usually know about it. Her decision is usually the focus of a magazine article or …

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How to Cope with End of the Year Blues

End of the Year Blues

Just as some folks are counting down to when it’s appropriate to break out the holiday music, keep in mind some of us are not as cheerful this season. Think about the last six months of news and natural disasters. Imagine you’re in Puerto Rico, Texas or even here in …

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