My Top Tips for Reducing Stress

Featured Health Risks

Most people in the world right now are unfortunately stressed out. Although it is really hard to go from a stressed-out state to a state where you feel totally in control, it is possible to regain control. You just have to put in the hard work to figure out how …

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Summer Allergy Season Survival Kit

Most summers I seem to get through May & June just fine. Until last week when my eyes were red (or as A.J. described them – pink) and itchy for three days. I skipped the mascara and eye makeup to limit my discomfort. There’s nothing worse than smeared eye makeup …

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How to Choose the Best Telehealth Service for Your Family

This coronavirus pandemic has forced a lot of families to re-evaluate whether going to see a doctor or visiting an emergency room are safe options during social distancing.  Do you REALLY want to sit in an overcrowded waiting room for hours with other sick people? It’s sparked new interest in …

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2020 Research Shows Working Moms Need More Support to Breastfeed

Featured Black Breasteeding

One of the many factors that influenced our family’s decision for me to become a stay at home mom and now work at home mom was breastfeeding. I talked to other women in TV news and their stories were shocking, to say the least. I remember talking to a TV …

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