Summer Allergy Season Survival Kit

Most summers I seem to get through May & June just fine. Until last week when my eyes were red (or as A.J. described them – pink) and itchy for three days. I skipped the mascara and eye makeup to limit my discomfort. There’s nothing worse than smeared eye makeup because you were rubbing your irritated eyes. I made a quick run to my closest Family Dollar store to stock up on everything I’d need for a summer allergy season survival kit.


Summer Allergy Season Survival Kit

OTC medication – Since my allergies are not severe, an over the counter medication is usually strong enough to knock out my symptoms. If you suffer for more than a few days, have a hard time sleeping or find yourself stuck indoors because of seasonal allergies, ask your doctor for a prescription.

Eye Drops  – I used saline eye drops quite a bit this week to get some relief with the itchiness and to improve the redness. Even though I felt well, everywhere I went people asked “Are you OK?” or “Are you sick?” I looked like I’d pulled an all-nighter.

Nasal Spray – Whenever A.J. has a runny nose, we find that using saline nasal spray helps get all the gunk out. Relief comes in a matter of minutes, then you blow your nose like crazy until it’s all gone for good!

Tissues –  Runny noses and watery eyes need the attention of tissues. I keep a small pack on my purse at all times for A.J.’s sneezes and mine!

Antibacterial Soap – With an active 7-year-old at home we go through a lot of hand soap because I ask him to wash his hands as soon as we get home from school, karate class, shopping, or a playdate. To make sure we didn’t run out, I bought a brand new bottle for my bathroom.

Disinfectant Wipes – I keep disinfectant wipes under the kitchen and bathroom sinks, and I like to keep them in my purse as well. For allergies, I find that it helps to wipe down the outside doorknob of our home, the steering wheel in my car, and window sills. Anywhere pollen or a wayward allergen could land, I’d like to wipe it away and say “so long”!

Humidifier – My husband and A.J. have used a humidifier more than me for their breathing issues. We have a Crane Drop Humidifier for A.J.’s room that’s easy to fill, filter-free, and quiet!

Bottled Water – Between the pool and play dates we are spending a lot of time outside this summer, so I like to stay hydrated. When I feel an allergy attack coming out, water helps because it can flush out irritants from your system. I keep a pack of bottled water in my trunk so I can grab it when we are on the go. Also, it’s a lot cheaper than spending $2 or $3 for one bottled water at a gas station or convenience store. I purchase a 12 or 24 pack from Family Dollar to last me a month or so.

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Talkback to me in the comments: Did I miss anything? What can you buy at Family Dollar to add to your allergy season survival kit?

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