Take Action for Health Guides Black Americans Through Health Risks

Take Action for Health

Overall, I’m a healthy over-40 Black woman, but I’ve had my share of health challenges. I had a demanding, high-stress TV news career for almost 15 years where I worked long hours, covered tragedies like Hurricane Katrina, deadly house fires, and murders. (Whew! I don’t know how I faced those …

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My Top Tips for Reducing Stress

Featured Health Risks

Most people in the world right now are unfortunately stressed out. Although it is really hard to go from a stressed-out state to a state where you feel totally in control, it is possible to regain control. You just have to put in the hard work to figure out how …

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Summer Allergy Season Survival Kit

Most summers I seem to get through May & June just fine. Until last week when my eyes were red (or as A.J. described them – pink) and itchy for three days. I skipped the mascara and eye makeup to limit my discomfort. There’s nothing worse than smeared eye makeup …

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