3 Holiday Safety Lessons Learned from Trying a Fridge Lock

One of the biggest lessons I learned once we got married was that the fridge’s contents were always in flux. When you’re single, you know what’s in your fridge 24/7. You expect to look inside your fridge and see everything you bought sitting there like you left it. Once you have a spouse, children, and visitors –  that all goes out the window.

I tell my husband and son repeatedly, “If you EAT the last (something) just tell me so I can add it to the grocery list.”

Do they listen to me when it comes to food and the fridge? No! Or on a very rare occasion, they do. So at least once a week I reach inside the fridge for something that’s no longer there because someone ate the last one.

As frustrating as that is for me, fridge access can a serious situation for other families. So I’ll explain in this sponsored post how the Urban August fridge lock can help other families keep a close look at what’s in the fridge for safety reasons. Especially this holiday season when you may have visitors over, you may find a fridge lock helpful.

This Urban August MAX LOCK Adjustable fridge lock is designed for refrigerators with French doors or side by side doors, like our stainless steel kitchen refrigerator.

Right out of the box, I could easily clip the lock on the fridge. Then I followed the directions inside the box to set the three-digit code for safety reasons. Each of us tried to pull the doors open with the lock attached. It kept A.J. out easily.

The strong nylon strap can’t be cut. As the company website describes, “Our lock is adjusted using a secure nylon belt and can be tightened to fit almost any standard refrigerator. Even when fully loosened, it assists in preventing access to your refrigerator.”

Choose from the regular size or long lock depending on the diameter of your fridge’s door handles. You can also adjust the strap length like you would with a nylon belt.

Toddlers & Teenagers

I remember one morning when A.J. was about four years old, I found an empty box of strawberries in the fridge. I knew there were some left the last time I looked. I wondered out loud if my husband had fixed A.J.’s preschool lunch with strawberries and accidentally put the empty container in the fridge instead of the trash can.

That’s when my energetic little boy informed me he’d eaten the strawberries during a phenomenal time to be awake when your parents are asleep known as “night breakfast.”

I stood there in shock blinking for about two minutes as I realized what he’d said. This four-year-old had a case of the overnight munchies and helped himself to the strawberries!

We didn’t have a french door fridge back then and thankfully after a stern conversation A.J. learned not to go inside the fridge without permission.  Otherwise, our option would have been to drill a lock into the fridge or find some tough adhesive. Considering we were renting an apartment at the time, those weren’t easy options.

Let’s move on to teenagers. For teenagers who aren’t old enough to drink yet, you may want to consider a fridge lock to keep them away from chilled beer and alcoholic drinks you plan to serve for the holiday season.

Special Needs Family

Considering A.J.’s food allergies, if he’d gotten into the fridge and eaten something he was allergic to, it could have been a disaster.

The creators of Urban August’s locks grew up with a developmentally disabled sibling whose access to the fridge became a problem. According to the website: “Late night covert snack runs grew from a small nuisance to a serious health warning when large amounts of food would go missing. Through trial and error, I developed this line of fridge and cabinet locks.”

Imagine if you’re caring for elderly family members or one someone with food addiction. A fridge lock could keep them away from anything that’s dangerous to them.

Roommates & Tenants

Imagine you’ve put your house on a temporary rental site like Airbnb or VRBO while you’re out of town for the holidays.

Instead of giving temporary tenants access to your fridge’s contents like meats and specialty items, install a fridge lock while they’re in your home, then allow them access to a smaller mini-fridge.

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  1. The very first time I heard and saw this concept was when I was doing ABA therapy for a middle class family. They also to had a fridge lock for their children due to their 3 little girls eating up all the food and one was Autistic. Having a fridge lock has it’s pros and it’s cons and has also taught me some valuable lessons.