When Will Mommy Guilt STOP?

“Why do you have to leave all day?”

“Why do you leave your child?”

“Do you LIKE to leave your child?”

“How long will you be gone?”

“Will you be home when I wake up?

These are just a few of the guilt-ridden, hurtful questions A.J. asked me in the last week when I had to juggle multiple projects that kept me away all day.

I took a day trip to Birmingham, AL to cover the Home Depot Girls Night Out and got a funny one-one-one interview with Radio Host Tom Joyner, “The Fly Jock.”

Tom Joyner & Joyce



Life is hectic right now and will be for the rest of the month.  I’m hoping I can get A.J. on board with these changes since they’re only temporary. Since I work from home, I’m able to take him to school, pick him up from school and run around to martial arts class, play dates and shopping.

Tuesday and Wednesday this week I’ll be attending the Family Dollar event #FDFabulous where I’m connected with some of the best beauty brands sold in-store and online.

A.J. will be going home with friends after school and sitters will come in the evening.

I’ve done my best to prepare him for the change in our schedule and the time I’ll be away.

Joyce Family Dollar


Thursday, Friday and Saturday I’ll be at the Type A Parent Conference in Atlanta. This year, I splurged for a VIP ticket for more sessions focused on growing your influence online. Thankfully, there’s on-site child care so I can bring A.J. with me to the host hotel in Buckhead.

Saturday, October 17th I’m hosting a vision board party for stay at home moms and work at home moms. I’m still working out the menu. But the mommy expert panel is what has me most excited. We’re going to tell it like it is. Not sugar coating of what it’s like to balance your family demands. Meet me there and you’ll get to see an in-person taping of my the show!

Mommy Expert Panel


Talk back to me in the comments: How do you cope with mommy guilt? Do you make up for your time away from your family by taking trips or giving gifts?

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  1. You know I just try to leave them their favorite foods to enjoy with daddy. Tell AJ this is his “man time” with dad. He can’t keep you to himself all the time! I need my Joyce time too!!! I can’t wait to see you again!!

    • He’s hanging with some friends and his favorite sitters since my husband works evenings.
      I can’t wait to see you too!

  2. That mom guilt is strong! It’s 70% of the reason I chose not to go to type A 🙁 my kids graciously gave me “Thursday’s” to work on my blog. Every other day they remind me that it’s not Thursday!

    He won’t remember that for a gift time you were busier than normal 🙂

  3. Gifts for lost mommy time seem like an inappropriate trade to me. What about shorter burst of time but more quality? Such as half an hour actively playing his favorite game or whatever he always wants to do with you but can’t find time to. It never hearts to go extra credit on hugs, kisses, cuddles if he likes that kind of stuff – interestingly, my 5 year old said in a survey that mommy huggs him to show love so I make a point to do more of it since he probably doesn’t equate me feeding him to love so when time is tight meals can be more simple though making him a favorite treat should help with positive predisposition for your upcoming business.

    • Love that survey.
      I’m going to make it up to him this week and pop in to his class for lunch next week.

  4. It’s so hard to shake the mommy guilt. Although I do not physically travel as part of my career, I feel that I travel in my mind when I am at home focused on a client project and my 3 year old is watching Clifford. To cope with my mommy guilt, I do make up time over the week-end and I make it a point to go out of the home during the week-days with my daughter doing things that she likes, even though I may work a little at Starbucks (which she calls “elk”) while she drinks her apple juice. There is never a day that goes by where I feel torn. If I have to take a few hours to be with my daughter I keep late hours. If that is not possible, I ask for her forgiveness and then forgive myself. I read somewhere that kids with moms with us grow up to be highly successful. That is my consolation.

  5. Arelis Cintron-Dias

    The first day I had to go back to work after taking 8 weeks of maternity was the hardest. I do not know how I succeeded in not breaking down when I dropped him off at the sitter, but needless to say I was a hot mess and got to work 2 hours late!