5 Ways Martial Arts Birthday Parties Rock!

Martial Arts Birthday Parties
You may have noticed on the Mommy Talk Show Facebook page that I post late afternoon photos of A.J. participating in martial arts classes. He’s already up to his second belt and working on his third. Not bad for a boy who just turned 5! To celebrate we partnered with Pro Martial Arts to invite his friends and share 5 Ways Martial Arts Birthday Parties Rock:
1. All skill levels can participate.  Although A.J. has been taking martial arts twice a week since the Fall, his friends (who were new to karate) were able to participate and have as much fun as he did. As the Pro Martial Arts website describes its Kick’n birthday parties are, “Hosted by trained martial arts instructors, teach your child and their special guests fun, safe and enjoyable karate techniques. Our instructors offer a kid friendly atmosphere offering you a unique alternative to the ordinary arcade or skating rink birthdays.”
Don’t worry if even the birthday boy or girl hasn’t taken karate. The instructors can create fun games and drills that will keep them thrilled during the 90 minute event.
2. Confidence is created. Every child who left the party at Pro Martial Arts felt like they’d tried and accomplished something new.
Karate Birthday Party
For A.J. it was an opportunity to show his experience and leadership skills. Can you tell from the look on his face – how determined and focused he was?
A.J. Determined
3. Life lessons are taught. A core part of martial arts is defense – against predators and bullies. Talk it over with your instructor if you’d like these topics addressed at your party. At the very least, they can show children how to escape an adult’s grip in an emergency. See my previous post, “How to Prepare Your Child for Bullying.
Predator Prevention
Photo Credit: Pro Martial Arts Emory Walk
4. Works up an appetite. You won’t have any leftover food after a martial arts birthday party. After almost 60 minutes of drills, running and games – everyone will have a huge appetite. We hosted A.J.’s party at 1 p.m., served pizza, fruit and cake. There wasn’t a lot left over!
Eating at Birthday Party

5. The birthday boy or girl gets a lot of attention. A.J. had a blast at his party and it culminated with him breaking a board all of us signed as a birthday keepsake.

Birthday Party Present Table
Looking for more fun places in Atlanta to host your child’s birthday party? Check out the 365 Atlanta Family’s amazing list.

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  1. The Cubicle Chick

    This looks like a super fun party! I love birthday parties that aren’t your run of the mill events. Looks like they had a blast 🙂

  2. Sara @Naturalsara.com

    I currently have a rambunctious 5 year old that could learn a think or two from Martial Arts. Thank you for sharing this information. It is definitely helping come up with ideas on how I can get him into more social interactive activities.

  3. This is an excellent idea for a birthday party. My husband practices martial arts so I am sure he would love to do this with the kids. Maybe when Z is older or our boy is older this will be an option. AJ looks like he had a blast.

  4. Shaylin Struckhoff

    Never thought of that, good idea!

  5. This would for sure be great and wonderful for high energy

  6. This is an awesome idea for a birthday party!

  7. This is such a cool idea!