The Most Difficult Fitness Hurdle for Moms: Get More Sleep to Lose Weight

I’m irritated with myself because I’ve lost the same 30 pounds over and over. Lately, my fluctuating weight brought an additional 10 pounds along to the PUFFY PARTY.

For the last five years, I’ve been creating Fitness Friday topics but I honestly haven’t been committed to making any major changes. I even revealed what it feels like to be 40 pounds overweight.

I'm sharing what it feels like to be 40 pounds overweight, unmotivated and tired.


I take walks on the weekends, but I haven’t joined the gym.

I cut back calories occasionally, but feel deprived without my regular stop at Starbucks for a white chocolate mocha or peach green tea.

I know that a low carbohydrate diet has worked well for me before, but I just grabbed some BBQ potato chips from the kitchen to nibble on while I write .

What I just found out from research is while food intake and lack of exercise are impacting my weight loss goals, lack of a consistent sleep schedule may be hindering me the most.

sleep to lose weight

Research shows lack of sleep:

Increases appetite

Ramps up bad cravings

Slows metabolism

In fact, sleep-deprived participants in one small study of 30 people ate an average of 300 more calories per day, according to research in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

I haven’t slept well since A.J. was born. Overnight breastfeeding is not for suckers. My husband works the late shift and often wakes me up when he gets home. Even at almost seven years old, A.J. still wakes up at night and comes into our bedroom.

I need more sleep.

I need more regular, uninterrupted sleep.

I need sleep that doesn’t require me to have bronchitis in order to sleep the entire night.

I need more sleep to lose weight.

The Most Difficult Fitness Hurdle for Moms: Get More Sleep to Lose Weight

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Comment below: Moms, do you get eight hours of sleep per night? What’s helped you fall asleep and get a good night’s rest?

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  1. Ha! On a good night, I might get about 7 hours of sleep. I KNOW I need more sleep. I go bed way too late, then have to get up early. It’s a struggle. And I know it’s tied to how I feel every day. I am also anemic and have thyroid issues.

  2. I am not one of those “I will sleep when I’m dead” people. Folk love to glorify lack of sleep, but it is unhealthy and causes too many issues. I make sure to get enough sleep because it’s critical. I wish more people would do so 🙂