Simple Ways Moms Can Make Time For Exercise

This week I got tired of hearing my OWN excuses of why I wasn’t exercising.

I’m tired.
Too much evening traffic to go to the gym.
I’m tired.
I’m not sure if I want to sign a gym contract.
I’m tired.

You know the drill.

Being a mom consumes your whole life and it can sometimes be really difficult to find the time to squeeze in exercise. Depending on your childrens’ ages the time you have to get moving varies. So here are some simple ways moms can make time for exercise, including a tip that got me moving twice this week!

Make Time for Exercise

Simple Ways Moms Can Make Time For Exercise

Nap Time: Nap Time is golden, it is the perfect time to go fit in a workout. I know you may want to go take a nap yourself because you finally got them to sleep and quiet, but you  have to find that energy and motivation to finish the workout. I wish I’d done this when A.J. was smaller. But he was not the best napper and I also used his nap time to blog, as well as manage social media for clients.

Use a Bouncer/Walker: When your baby gets to old enough, you can confine them into a bouncer or walker. Put on a CD or their favorite TV show to keep their attention so you can squeeze in a simple at-home workout, like walking on the treadmill, doing sit ups or jumping jacks.  You my think that short workout while your baby is nearby won’t make you break a sweat. Well, you’ve got to start somewhere. Moving a little is better than not moving at all.

Go to a Gym with Childcare: A lot of gyms have a kids area or daycare where you can take your kids while you workout. They watch and care for your kids for you. Take a tour first and ask questions about how snacks or emergencies are handled. Usually you can get some sort of package/membership that includes this service!
I loved my week reviewing Roc House Fitness Spa in Buckhead, but I could only go while A.J. was in school or on mornings my husband dropped him off -because it doesn’t offer child care.
Roc House Body Pump
Take them with you:  This is what finally got me moving this week. I posted in one of my Facebook groups that I was looking for a mom who could be by walking buddy after school. We could bring the kids in strollers, bikes or watch them on the nearby playground.
I found someone within a day!
Our children had fun and we walked almost two miles.
Depending on the age of your child and their exertion level, take them on a family walk with you!
Look for a weekend festival or event where you can attend and walk. For instance, here’s What to do in Atlanta Labor Day Weekend.
Workout after Bedtime: This is just like nap time, working out while your children are asleep is the best time to do it.  I admit this is the hardest time for me to workout because I feel like collapsing after A.J. is finally in bed. But if you’re more of a night owl, a 30-60 minute workout in the evening is worth it. Some evening workout enthusiasts say it’s harder to wind down later in the day. Others say it gets out all of their exertion so they can sleep better.
Folding Exercise Bikes
Talk back to me in the comments: What’s your favorite way to squeeze in a workout? Do you workout with other moms?
If your fitness wardrobe can use an upgrade, here’s where to buy affordable workout clothes.

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  1. I’ve started simply walking. That is it – just walking. And it is working. 🙂

    And yay for you for getting moving!! I wish we lived near each other because how much fun would that be!?!

    And now I’m off to read your affordable workout clothes post, too.

  2. I am 40 years old w/ four children whose age range is 12- 2 hears old. We first have to look at how we really “feel” about exercising. If we are determined to be healthy as opposed to ” losing 10,15, 20 lbs” then we can relax and take the pressure of ourselves and just walk. If I’m in a car I park far away from the entrance of the stores. If I go up six or 15 steps, I lunge up every other step. If I go to a PTA meeting and I know there going to have doughnuts I allow myself to at least eat half of one and then I nibble on it. When my kids are on the playground I always have my resistance bands. Good article.