4 Films That Remind Me of Our Love Story

After Valentine’s Day and the Academy Awards back to back, I’ve been thinking a lot about films. I don’t go to the theater as I’d like and it’s usually for a kids’ movie screening like, “Annie.”  Every Oscar season I wish I’d seen more new films so I could have a strong opinion about the winner and losers. Here are four films that remind me of our love story and my affiliate links.

1. “When Harry Met Sally”

We are essentially the African American version of “When Harry Met Sally.” We were friends first. Had a falling out (which I can’t even remember why), reconnected years later when he came back to Mississippi to work at the TV station where we first met. Things went fast forward from there with the engagement, wedding and baby in one year’s time.

The wonderful thing about being friends first is you know each other so well already – the good, the bad and the weird.

Every time I see it this film on our cable guide, I watch it!

2. “Love Jones”
We love this story of Darius and Nina fumbling through love and lust in Chicago. The backdrop is a smoky, spoken word club where they get their true feelings out.

This is the type of club my husband would go to every week to lounge and chill.

I saw this “Love Jones” in the theater by myself when I first moved to Mississippi. Now we watch it anytime it airs or cable and have it on DVD.

3. “Brown Sugar”
Another film where friends become lovers. See the theme here?
Sidney works for a major hip hop magazine. Her BFF Dre leaves a music label to develop his own artists. A lot of things go wrong in “Brown Sugar.” But what goes right is they end up together living out their professional dreams.

4. “The Ring”
I know this sounds weird but bear with me. “The Ring” was one of the films my husband and I saw the the theater when we were just friends. The movie scared me so badly that when it was over, I could not leave the theater because I was convinced the little girl who climbed out of the well…was going to climb out from under my theater seat. I had to sit there for about 15 minutes until the credits were over, the lights came on and my nerves calmed down. My husband (then friend) didn’t laugh at me or give me that “This Chick Is Crazy” face.

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Talk to me in the comments! Is there a film or films that remind you of our love story OR your love story? Do they have a theme that connects you together? What snacks would you buy from Family Dollar for the perfect movie date at home?

Our Love Story

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  1. Love Jones is one of my favs too! I remember watching the movie for the first time with my hubby curled up on the couch sipping wine and holding hands….so romantic!

  2. Those movie box size of candy would be great.

  3. I’d buy popcorn, sweet tarts and soda! 🙂

  4. I would get popcorn, m&m’s and some other candy

  5. I would buy some popcorn!

  6. I’d buy chips and salsa.

  7. I’d like to win because I’ve been to Disneyland but never Disneyworld.

  8. My family loves movie nights! The snacks we get are microwave butter popcorn, M&Ms, and twizzlers. Yumm!!

  9. I would get chips and soda.

  10. Chips and salsa are always a great snack.

  11. The snacks I would buy from Family Dollar for the perfect movie date at home is some chocolate, popcorn, and potato chips.

  12. Disneyland and Disneyworld are places I have never been to. I would love to just have the means to go in and just see this place. It would be a great place to see and to win something like that would be outrageous.

  13. I would get a frozen pizza (our Family Dollar has a frozen food section now) some chips, dip and probably some Pepsi.

  14. I would buy chocolate! Chocolate always makes the perfect date night snack!

  15. I would buy pretzels, chips and soda.

  16. I would buy soda, popcorn and something sweet! Patrick especially likes Reese Cups!

    I think our love story cannot be found in a movie, because it is so weird and unique!

  17. I always buy plenty of drinks and chips and can’t leave out the chocolate on movie night. I always buy my snacks at FD because they have the best sales. I never thought about which movie reminded me of my ex. When we were together it felt like war of the roses.

  18. I would buy jelly beans, chips and peanuts.

  19. I would buy chips and salsa

  20. I would buy crunchy cheetos!

  21. I’d buy nachos & cheese, pop corn and soda! Maybe some Sour Patch kids!

  22. Message

  23. I would get popcorn, pretzels and some sort of candy for our movie night.

  24. I would buy popcorn to make on the stove with some twizzlers to snack or afterwards.

  25. Cheryl Abdelnour

    I am a big peanut eater so I would get peanuts.

  26. Amanda Sakovitz

    I would buy m&ms and popcorn

  27. I’d purchase microwave popcorn, Pringles chips, Pepsi 2 Liters, and some M & Ms. Thanks.

  28. I would buy mixed nuts and chocolate chip cookies for movie night.

  29. I would buy raisonets they are my fave

  30. Im a Twizzler kind of girl

  31. I would buy some candy bars, probably snickers or milky ways and some popcorn.

  32. I would buy some popcorn and our favorite M&M’s pretzel variety.

  33. I would buy cookie dough bites or twizzlers and diet coke.

  34. I would get our fave candy (me-Raisenettes hubby-peanut M&M’s), some popcorn and some soda 🙂

  35. I would get our fave candy me-Raisenettes, hubby-peanut M&M’s), popcorn and soda 🙂

  36. I would get popcorn, licorice and chips.

  37. I think peanuts would make a great snack for movie night.

  38. I would buy Wise Ridgies Potato Chips at Family Dollar for our movie night

  39. I love white cheddar popcorn, that would be great!

  40. I would get some popcorn, cheetos, soda pop, and something chocolate for a night at home watching movies.

  41. I would buy popcorn and soda from the Family Dollar for the perfect movie date at home. Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. I would like to win because it’s the Cinderella Castle Suite, hello!

  43. I’d buy popcorn and snacks. Perhaps I can find a movie too!

  44. I would buy chips and dip and colas.

  45. I would buy popcorn, soda, licorice and some chocolate.

  46. Bunch a crunch and twizzlers!

  47. We would probably get some popcorn, chocolate and some soda. I would let the girls splurge a little. Thank you!

  48. Message

  49. i would get popcorn and seasoning salt; some twizzlers; some bite size oreos, and some wheat thins with squeeze cheese!

  50. disney is a magical place; would be great to go back as an adult!

  51. I’d buy popcorn and sodas .

  52. Our family is candy lovers during movies so I would get an assortment of that!

  53. Kettle popcorn, theatre candy, reeces pieces, junior mints & gummy bears!!

  54. Jennifer Dunaway

    I’d buy cookies for the kids to eat after school.

  55. Jennifer Dunaway

    I would buy cookies for the kids for after school.

  56. We like low salt popcorn and drinks. .

  57. I would get some twizzlers for me and peanut m&m’s for my husband, along with some microwave popcorn to share.

  58. I would buy popcorn, chips, and candy!

  59. Twizzlers and popcorn!

  60. I would buy popcorn, candy, and bottled water.

  61. Candy trail mix and popcorn

  62. Chip and some pop are always good buys at Family Dollar.

  63. I would purchase butter flavored popcorn and soft drinks.

  64. I would purchase fudge cookies and pretzels.

  65. Stephanie Larison

    I would pick up some popcorn, and some chips.

  66. Popcorn, Reese’s and Diet Coke.

  67. I’ll get pop and popcorn and peanut butter cups.
    Thanks for the contest.

  68. I would get nachos and salsa. Cheese too!

  69. I would buy chips, dip, popcorn and sodas or juice

  70. i’d get chocolate covered almonds and raisins, and gummy bears, and popcorn! 🙂

  71. I would buy my favorites , Milk Duds, Red Vines, Raisinettes and popcorn.

  72. I would buy popcorn for family movie night!

  73. I would buy chip and dip and candy.

  74. I would buy some popcorn, soda and caramels yummm

  75. Would get popcorn and chips and soda

  76. When Harry Met Sally was such a fun movie…I wore out my VHS copy when I was in college. I used to know all the words.

  77. These are all awesome films especially to watch this Valentines Day. Too cold to go out here so watch a movie.

  78. What a wonderful way to relate your love story to film. I can’t think of a movie which seems like my husband and my story.

  79. Your love story is reflected in what a beautiful couple the two of you are together. Congrats!

  80. When Harry Met Sally is one of my favorite movies. I would get popcorn and some chocolate for movie night.

  81. These are some of my favorite films. The Ring is such a guilty pleasure! Always fun to rewatch movies at home with the budget snacks!