5 Natural Hair Myths Debunked + A Pin Curl “Take Down” Tutorial [VIDEO]

My hair has been natural since 2009 when I got my last chemical relaxer right before my wedding. Since then I’ve worn my hair in a teeny weeny afro (TWA), a braidout and even flat-ironed it to wear it straight. Along the way I’ve explored what worked for my hair and what didn’t. In fact, I made so many mistakes that I’ve cut my hair several times (known as the big chop) and started over.


Rock Short Hair


I was recently invited to receive a complimentary hair service at the Louis Quarterman Salon in West Midtown and participate as a model for its natural hair event. The salon professionals there discussed several natural hair myths and explained why they’re not true. Based on my own experience and their presentation, here are 5 Natural Hair Myths Debunked + a video tutorial for ladies who wear their hair straight, but want to preserve the curls overnight without using heat.

1. Natural oils, like coconut oil, add moisture

When I first went natural, I couldn’t wait to save money on natural hair products by replacing my moisturizer with coconut oil.

You see it the organic section of the grocery store and I’ve even seen it for sale in beauty stores. But depending on your hair’s porosity, oil may never really penetrate the shaft and add moisture.

You can’t beat the results of true, tested and approved hair care products. For example, based on several salon professionals’ recommendations I’ve invested in is the Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Conditioner

2. Co-Washing replaces shampoo

In case you don’t know, co-washing is the practice of skipping the shampoo bottle and using conditioner only. For example, you’d wet your hair, add conditioner, leave it in and rinse it out.

Depending on your hair texture, you may feel like co-washing is adding moisture instead of washing away moisture.

I tried this and failed. You need shampoo to wash away old products, debris and oils. Whatever you do – don’t skip the shampoo.

3. Coloring your hair does not make you a “natural”

I choose to wear color in my hair to cover the grey hairs  (who are so damn disrespectful) and because it’s fun.

But it doesn’t change the texture of my hair. When I visited Louis Quarterman Salon in West Midtown I allowed them to color my hair even “redder” than usual.

Whenever I’m in the sunlight, it looks bolder and brighter than usual.



4. Wearing natural hair is easier than relaxed hair

Nope. Nopity nope. All the nopes in nopeland.

A lot of this depends on the length of your natural hair. With short natural hair, I can walk out the door in a few minutes after I add water and moisturizer to my hair. But a bad hair day IS still possible.  When I wore a twistout in longer hair, it could still be hit and miss.

Bantu Knot Style

5. Natural hair can’t be worn straight

With the proper amount of moisture and heat, you can wear natural hair straight. I would blow dry my hair first to lengthen it out, then twist it. I’ve even had it professionally flat ironed with no damage.

At the Louis Quarterman Salon natural hair event, one of the stylists showed how to preserve your flat ironed hair’s curls. Pin Curls allow you curl your straight hair, pin it up and take down the curls in the morning.

Pin Curl Tutorial Video

6. YouTube holds all the answers to natural hair

Although YouTube was my go-to source for information when I first cut my hair and wore it natural, most of the natural hair enthusiasts there are NOT professionals. Trust the professionals who are credentials on YouTube. Hey, I have beauty tutorials on the Mommy Talk Show YouTube Channel too and my degrees are in journalism and communications.

The most confusing part of watching YouTube videos on natural hair is that everyone’s texture is different. The products used by a natural with long, loose curly hair, probably won’t work on my short, tightly coiled hair.

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What do you think of these natural hair myths debunked?

What would you add to the list?

Natural Hair Myths Debunked

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  1. Christina Aliperti

    Oh, you know those damn disrespectful grays too? They need to learn their place and that it’s not in our hair!

  2. This was such an interesting read. I am whiter than white, so I will never have to care for natural hair like that. That being said, I think this is a great resource for anyone who does. I LOVE your hair, by the way. That color is great!

  3. I love when people prove myths to be wrong. You always hear these things about hair, and this was very informative. Your natural hair looks great by the way!

  4. I have never had to care for natural hair before. I have tried to get my curls back though because our water is terrible. I cowash and moisturize like crazy.

  5. This is a great post. I have heard that you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday, but I still do. I just don’t feel clean if I don’t.

  6. Love this post! I am all about not washing my hair every day and living in dry shampoo I’ve found as I’ve gotten older my hair texture had changed and coloring actually has made it feel thicker.

  7. I love your hair. I think the color looks great on you as well.

  8. I really like the red! I didn’t know many of these things about natural hair.

  9. I love using coconut oil in my hair! Great mythbusters!

  10. My natural hair is so not pretty. I also cover up those disrespectful grays, but they are so self centered, they keep trying to steal the spotlight on my head.

  11. You put together an interesting article here.
    I love the tutorial.

  12. I love natural hair on anyone, but I also know natural hair can be more a pain than having something done to your hair.

  13. #4 made me laugh so hard. Nopeity nopes in the nopeland, haha! All of these were dead on with my hair!

  14. I actually have stopped using shampoo. Co-washing is so much better and it does help get the product out. They have new products on the market that really get it out not just regular conditioner in which I can see your pass issues with the method. Great info and Youtube definitely doenst have all the answers! Most YT hair gurus are normal people doing trial and error on their own heads not professionals.

  15. Thanks for all the awesome tips and information! It’s tough to deal with hair sometimes which is why I get lazy and just have it done in the salon.

  16. Thanks for debunking many of these myths. I actually believed some of them before I started cosmetology school.

  17. I like to use avocado in my hair. I’d love to try the conditioner!

  18. I would say I’m surprised with facts and thanks for the information. But I think, some myths turned to be “debunked” based on your own experience and you cleared yourself on it that it would really depend on someone’s hair types. =) Nice hair!

  19. Love this post. I have had my hair natural for about 8 years. I do color it because the gray hair gets out of hand, and not in a good way 🙂 . I love that red color on you. It’s so freeing to not worry about getting my hair wet or hours spent in a salon..etc..etc.

  20. I tried the co washing too and I need shampoo. I also get my hair flat ironed with minimal or no heat damage. I think people listen to everyone except their hair.

  21. I cut my hair short two years ago and it was the best thing for my lifestyle. I can’t stand going to hair salons and spending hours there. I go to the barber every other week and I color my hair myself. Co-washing works best for me and I do it pretty much daily. Gives the hair some really nice coils, too!

    • You’re right. My salon visits are a lot less frequent now that I rock a TWA. But I still need a lineup and shape up from time to time. I color my hair myself from time to time. But I notice the salon level color lasts much longer!

  22. Folks who say it is easier… Nah. Not really. LOL! I also agree that grays are disrespectful. Mine are all bold and up front!

  23. Love this piece! Nopeland is really a place, isn’t it? I have had hits and misses in my eight years as a naturalista. My go-to style is twists (which are finally shoulder length). Right now it’s straight because I just got a haircut, and I like it, but this takes more work than I’m willing to put in. 😀

  24. Your hair is too cute. Since losing my hair in 2010, I have fallen in love with natural hair.

  25. This is great! You’ve touched on everything I’ve heard about going natural (lol). #4 especially, the ride or die natural sisters swear it’s easier than perming! Great great article.

  26. I color my grays too, I’ve had them for years. However they’ve recently started taking over my hairline. Nope, not ready yet.

  27. I will add 4C hair ain’t cute. People don’t realize that all hair can’t flourish with the same product! This was a great informative read! Thank you!

  28. The red hair color looks absolutely amazing on you. This is awesome that you were able to get a complimentary hairdo. I love the outcome.

  29. I need to see a video on how to do the pin curls right to begin with before about the take down.

  30. lovely post