3 Home Technology Upgrades Just in Time for the Holidays

The holiday season is the perfect time to make home technology upgrades. If you’re traveling, you may want to upgrade your home security. If you’re getting new devices, you’ll need new ways to charge them. If conserving energy, a new thermostat can help. Check out three recommendations I have for accomplishing all three goals. You’ll find my affiliate links below where I’ll earn a commission for any purchases you’d make.

Home Technology Upgrades

Home Security

Our new rental home doesn’t have a doorbell or security system, so I’ve had my eye on the Ring Video Doorbell system ever since I first saw it on Facebook.

Ring Video Doorbell
Credit: Ring

The Ring Video Doorbell has an HD camera, two-way talk system and motion detection. You can watch and hear what’s going on near your front door from the Ring mobile app. For a look at how well it works when “package bandits” spring into action around the holidays, look at this video from the Ring Facebook page:

Keep an eye on your children to see when they arrive or leave your house, pet sitters and elderly relatives.

You can install the Ring Video Doorbell where you existing doorbell is or install it as a new doorbell. Add solar-powered Ring Stick Up Cameras around other entry doors around you home for additional security.

If your Ring Video Doorbell is stolen the company honors its lifetime purchase protection and replace it.
Where to buy: Ring.com website, Best Buy and on Amazon with two-day free shipping for prime members.

Multi-Charging Station

Every member of our family has a device (or two) that we use to make calls, surf the web, play games and watch movies. Keeping all of them charged is a challenge. My husband and I are in a never-ending debate about whose iPhone 6 charger is whose. So I was excited to  review the DOK Universal Multi-Charging Station where we could charge multiple devices at once.

It features

  • 5 USB ports to charge them all at once; play one while the others charge
  • 3 cradles to hold your devices
  • Smart Current Detection “provides  fastest charge rates while protecting against over-charging.”

Where to buy:  Staples, Jet and Amazon.com sells DOK Chargers.

Here’s a two minute unboxing video I shared on the Mommy Talk Show Facebook page:

Wi-Fi Thermostat

Forget getting up to change the temperature in your home, with the Honeywell Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat you can control things from an app.

It features

  • Location Based Temperature Control: Senses when you’re away and when you’re close by to adjust your home’s temperature.
  • Smart Alerts: Get notifications about recommended filter changes and extreme weather.
  • Custom Shortcuts: Change the settings simply by creating shortcuts for bedtime or work hours.

honeywell wifi thermostat

Where to buy: Purchase the Honeywell Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat on Amazon.com and at home improvement stores like Home Depot or Best Buy.

Which of these home technology upgrades would be ideal for your family?

How many devices does your family have a need to charge?

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  1. I have an IPad, an old IPod, and we have tons of friends whos phones are ‘going low’ who would also use this. I like how easy it looks to use.

  2. We have about 6 devices to charge! (I also didn’t get to add my address, it’s 335 Gerald Circle-Milpitas CA-95035)

  3. We have a total of 4 devices to charge. Thanks for the awesome chance 🙂 Good luck all.