Caring for Kids with Food Allergies at Camp Ocean

Our five-year-old son A.J. loved Camp Ocean on board Carnival Glory so much that he never wanted to leave. To hear about all the activities and fun that kept children busy on the ship made me relieved. As a food allergy family, we are very cautious about A.J.’s childcare because a simple snack could make him very ill. He’s very aware of what foods he can safely eat. I shared how our family of picky eaters with varying tastes found plenty of delicious food on board. He also suffers from asthma usually in winter months.


Kids with Allergies

Food Allergies at Camp Ocean

I interviewed Ana Ristic, the Carnival Glory’s Youth Director, about all of the precautions they take for children with allergies and asthma in their care. The Camp Ocean play areas are designed for kids age 2-11

List Safe & Unsafe Foods/Medical Conditions

At registration list your child’s safe and unsafe foods. Staff will keep track of it, add it to a master list and double check it at group dining times before food is served.

I also listed A.J.’s asthma as a medical condition. Since he didn’t have a runny nose or any immediate breathing issues, I felt confident that the ship’s medical staff could handle it. We brought his nebulizer to keep in our room in case he had any breathing issues before bed.

Drop-off Allergen-free Foods

Parents can bring snacks and food to Camp Ocean for children with food allergies. Talk with the staff first about the food options so they can make sure it’s safe.


Carnival Glory Towel


Bring Epipens
We brought A.J.’s Epipen to his first day at camp and left it with the staff. Allergen-safe snacks are served at Camp Ocean. But if he’d participated in any of the group dinner outings, the staff would have brought the Epipen to the dining area in case of an emergency. We also had an Epipen in our personal bags for when we were on excursions off of the ship, swimming or eating together as a family.

Camp Ocean


Ask About the Red Name Tag
Each child with food allergies wore a nametag with red writing as a reminder to the staff. In fact, we brought A.J.’s nametag home as keepsake memory of his first cruise.

Carry Camp Ocean Provided Mobile Phones 
Parents of kids under age two and those with food allergies receive a mobile phone to use on board. As Ana explained if there’s an emergency camp staff immediately contacts the medical team, then the parents.

Camp Ocean Mobile Phone



Parents can also be reached through the cruise ship’s public announcement system.

In a week’s time A.J. made some new buddies at Camp Ocean, learned new games and made memories. For us, it was a safe place for him to play during the day and spend a few hours in the evening so we could enjoy the ship’s evening shows.

Comment below: What did you learn about food allergies and asthma at Camp Ocean? What aspect of safety at Camp Ocean helps calm your fears?

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  1. Lindsey @ Redhead Baby Mama

    We’re headed on a Carnival Cruise next winter, and I think Red will have a great time in Camp Ocean. While he’s outgrown his food allergy, I don’t know what the future holds for Scarlett!

  2. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    That sounds like a fantastic service. I think it’s so great that they provide cell phones so everyone can stay in touch in case of emergency. They’re really on top of it.

  3. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    What a great service this is. Kudos to them for offering it.

  4. I love that more people are being educated about food allergies in kids, my youngest has a classroom full of kids with allergies so I am always conscious about what I bring him for food there. This is great that this camp ocean is making it easy for kids with allergies to have fun in a safe way !

  5. Great tips. A little ounce of preparation goes a long way. You can totally tell what a good time he had on the cruise. He is smiling from ear to ear. What a cutie :-).

  6. I love that they are so aware about food allergies. My daughter has celiac disease and that can make travel hard.

  7. Camp Ocean sounds like a great way for kids to enjoy some age appropriate fun while parents get some time to relax. All of the many ways they ensure a safe experience would really put my mind at ease too.

  8. That is so great they work so well with children and allergies. Sounds like a wonderful, fun and safe experience.

  9. How cute is AJ?! So nice for Camp Ocean to offer these type of accommodations

  10. It’s wonderful that they look out for the kids with allergies by taking precautions and allowing parents to drop off snacks and food. Camp Ocean sounds great!

  11. Wow… it really sounds like an impressive program. My nephew has dairy allergies and I have traveled with him so I can related to how difficult it can be. Sounds like Carnival really has things figured out.

  12. It looks like he had a blast! I am glad that they were so accommodating for children with food allergies so everyone can enjoy their time there.

  13. I, myself have several food allergies which makes eating away from home difficult. I love the fact that more and more places are becoming allergen free.

  14. Jay |

    He’s a cutie and totally enjoyed himself. They offered some awesome options to make sure he was well taken care of.

  15. Toni | BoulderLocavore

    Though our situation doesn’t manifest with the same concerns as asthma, being gluten-free presents similar concerns, or did when my kids were tiny. It’s great to find capable, knowledgeable resources when traveling like this, isn’t it?

  16. I don’t have any little ones, but it’s nice that they offer this.

  17. Safety with food is always important! And oh my goodness he is cuuuute!!

  18. As an adult with a host of food allergies, I know all too well the importance of being socially (food) and medically prepared. It’s good that camps, schools, and other facilities that care for children are aware of the need to “be aware”.

    Your little guy looked like he had a ball.

  19. In general, I love the fact that cruise ships have these types of programs for kids. I’ve never been on a cruise before, but it’s definitely something I’d love to do in the near future. It’s great to know that the staff is so attentive and prepared to assist kids with food allergies and other special needs.

  20. Valerie Robinson

    What a cutie pie! This seems like an excellent service. My daughter is asthmatic and has severe allergies, so I was all over this post!

  21. My youngest has food allergies and it can be hard releasing control! I love how prepared they are to meet the needs of those with allergies so we can all relax and enjoy ourselves.

  22. Seattle Travel Blogger

    This is good of this camp to consider children’s allergies.
    This is some great tips for bring alongs here.

  23. Mimi "MimiCuteLips" Green

    I love this, if my kids had allergies I would be so worried. Camp Ocean has a good lock on eating needs and dietary restrictions.

  24. It is so much fun to see the good time your son had. I’m glad they were understanding about bringing foods that didn’t kick up his allergies. Cruises are fun and even better with the way they cater to everyone’s needs.

  25. I would imagine it can be stressful having a child with allergies. Sounds like Camp Ocean had those kids I mind.

  26. It is difficult when kids have food allergies and they are away from home. It is definitely a relief when these places really cater to that

  27. I’m loving this! I think my son may have allergies so I’m going to begin the process of learning more. I’m glad to see Carnival being apart of such a great initiative.

  28. This is great information for parents wanting to cruise! So glad to know that the cruiselines care about allergies too

  29. I love my Carnival Cruise experience. I had no idea they catered those kids with allergies I love that they give mobile phones!

  30. This is simply amazing! I love that Carnival is sensitive to children with allergies and goes above and beyond to make sure kids with allergies are safe and still have a great time.